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12 Ways Yoga Jewelry Can Fix Your Life

We all wear uniforms in some way. T-shirts can share a TV show or movie you’re a fan of. The outfit you wear can define a certain type of style or personality. Lavari’s Yoga collection is all about sharing who you are in a beautiful, distinct way that lets your style and personality shine.

  • We waste a lot of time in our day being unfocused or unaware of what’s going on. Learn amazing tactics to help you fix the lack of focus in your life.
  • Yoga jewelry celebrates the values of meditation, mindfulness, and learning to live a better life through yoga.
  • Meet and be inspired by Lavari’s gorgeous Yoga collection.

It’s certainly not a bad thing to be more aware of what’s going on. We’re committed to the values of mindfulness and want to share them with you. Yoga and meditation can help you every single day by:

  • Developing your awareness.
  • Strengthening your memory.
  • Increasing your happiness.

That’s what yoga jewelry is all about. Keep reading and we’ll tell you 12 ways you can activate these parts of your brain and start living healthier with yoga and yoga jewelry.

1. Understand the value of the Om mantra

Have you ever seen this? It’s a squiggly symbol that might look familiar but not mean much to anybody unfamiliar with yoga. We call it the “Om syllable.”


You can see it in detail on the 18K Gold Plated Yoga Pendant with Black Enamel – Brass – 18”.

What you need to know about the “Om syllable” in 3 quick points:

  • Associated with Hinduism, Jainism, and Buddhism.
  • Recited as a mantra during yoga or meditation.
  • Has different meetings, depending on the source.


We really like the idea that the “Om” means a connection to the essence of the Universe and the ultimate reality that connects us all. Lavari’s Yoga collection includes pendants and bangles that feature the “Om” syllable for everyday wear.


Now, we know you’re probably thinking that you don’t need to fix anything in your life. Read on to see what you’re missing.

2. Look for wasted time in your life

Imagine watching somebody on a bus with the window open, throwing a dollar out of the window every minute. That would be crazy, right? When we zone out and lose focus on the world around us, we’re throwing away the precious time we have here.


Think about all the phone numbers you forget, birthdays you wouldn’t remember without Facebook to remind you, and pieces of information you wish you’d been able to hold onto, but had lost because of distraction. It’s important to know how to file away information productively. 


Stop doing five things at the same time and doing them all badly and learn to follow a creed of focus, developing the ability to avoid distraction and maximize interactions.

3. Make space in your daily life for meditation

How are you going to find your focus? Try waking up half an hour earlier than you usually do. A little bit of extra time gives you valuable options:


  • Work out or go on a run.
  • Take a shower and clear your head.
  • Sit in a quiet room and meditate.


Whatever works for you, giving yourself some more time is a way to get your day off on the right foot.


You can inject meditation during the course of your day, too:


  • Take a break from a computer screen during work or classes and step outside for a few minutes.
  • Close your eyes, breath in through your nose and out through your mouth.
  • Have a conversation with a friend or coworker and listen, really pay attention to the words they’re saying. Keep your phone away and ask them follow-up questions.


Looking to inject meditation into your night-time routine?


  • Before you go to bed, consider recounting the events of the day, whether in your head, to a partner, or in a notebook.
  • Think about your day. Really do.
  • You can develop mindfulness in your own personal way.


If anything, personalizing your method of meditation should be a goal to strive for, and we’re all for it. How are you going to personalize it? Keep reading to find out.

4. Choose a focus and become a yoga girl

Once you realize how valuable meditation is to your life, it’s time to find something that can keep you doing it. It’s easy to have a burst of inspiration. It’s harder to make a regular commitment. Remember that ॐ, the “Om” syllable? Lavari’s Yoga jewelry featuring the “Om” is just the collection to keep reminding you.


The pendants and bangles have beautiful enamel. They’re in different colors, like the dreamy 18K Gold Plated Yoga Pendant with Blue Enamel – Brass – 18” and each one emphasizes the Om inside.


They’ll help remind you about finding time in the day. They can also be physical objects to focus on. Every time you see your jewelry, it’s a physical reminder of how much better your life can be with meditation.


We know you’re probably wondering how you can enjoy yoga jewelry in your own personal way. We’ve got you covered.

5. Personalize your meditation and make yoga work for you

No two people focus in entirely the same way. After all, no two people are exactly alike. Maybe your favorite color from a selection of black, blue, yellow, purple, or white is a calming choice.

Lavari’s 18K Gold Plated Yoga Bangle with Blue Enamel – Brass offers rich, distinct color, for example. Just knowing that your bangle is yours can help give you your own personal focus.

What’s beautiful about meditation is the way that everybody has the opportunity to express themselves in their own unique methods that work best for them.


  • You don’t have to go out into the middle of the desert
  • You don’t have to buy an incense burning piece for your desk.
  • You don’t have to use the Om syllable as your mantra.


We definitely don’t want to tell you how you have to meditate or what you’re not allowed to do. We’re just interested in encouraging you to live your best life and develop your connection.

6. Strike a pose and enjoy the beauty of life

Life is special.


You can live your life the way you want to (and we’re not looking to tell you what to do). Plenty of people are concerned that if they start exploring mindfulness, they’ll never be able to turn it off. They like being able to zone out every so often.


And we get that.


But what do you really want to get out of life?


Do you like realizing you just ate an entire bag of chips without paying attention to the fact that you were even eating, or looking at the time only to realize that you’ve been mindlessly blowing through YouTube videos for 8 hours?


We’re not saying you can’t relax. We’re not even saying you have to be mindful. But we also know that chips can be really good if you pay attention, notice the smells and textures, the way they crack, the way they tantalize when you hold them in your mouth for an entire minute.


This isn’t really about the chip, though. It’s about having an awareness of what’s going on around you and being able to really pay attention. And we mean really.


So no, you don’t have to pay attention. But why wouldn’t you want to?

7. Bring out the best of your unique inner potential

Look at the beautiful coating on Lavari’s 18K Gold Plated Yoga Bangle with Purple Enamel – Brass. It’s enamel, and as we said, it comes in a number of distinct styles, so you can find your fave.

The enamel helps to give the design some emphasis. It focuses your attention on the central Om within the bangle’s design. It also serves as a reminder.


We all have the Om inside us, a connection to the world around us. What we might not all have is a practice to focus on that connection. We need to take away distractions and focus on the Om.


You have inner strength. All you need is the right kind of concentration. We all have the capacity to explore something deeper, each in our own ways.

8. Channel your chakras and energies

Lavari’s exquisite Stainless Steel 6mm Yoga Tiger’s Eye Bead Bracelet – 8.5 Inches is a bracelet with personality. It looks beautiful and also is said to have connections to the root chakra and Mother Earth.

Chakras are the psychic energies in the body. The Muladhara or root chakra is found in the base of the spine. By deepening your connection with the chakras in your body, you can help actualize your meditation into a meaningful reality.

9. Express your lifestyle with inspired designs

Wear your passion on your sleeve or wrist or neck.


One of the best things yoga jewelry can do for you is to show off your personal lifestyle. Wearing a gorgeous 18K Gold Plated Yoga Pendant with White Enamel – Brass – 18” will quickly show your friends and loved ones what it is that’s important to you.


We all wear uniforms in some way. T-shirts can share a TV show or movie you’re a fan of. The outfit you wear can define a certain type of style or personality. Lavari’s Yoga collection is all about sharing who you are in a beautiful, distinct way that lets your style and personality shine.

10. Share your values of peace and mindfulness with friends and loved ones

Yoga jewelry can also be a great conversation starter.

Whether you’re wearing a breathtaking 18K Gold Plated Yoga Bangle with Black Enamel – Brass or another piece, you’re showing off your passion for yoga. People will want to know. And once you know how valuable yoga is to your life, you’re going to want to show them.

Show your friends the Om. Tell your family about your mantra. Answer their questions and create a valuable discussion.


You can also identify yourself to others who practice mindfulness. Share your appreciation and learn from each other. Everybody has their own way, so see what you can take away from them.

11. You can feel good and look like an amazon warrior doing it

You don’t have to feel bad about falling in love with Lavari’s 18K Gold Plated Yoga Bangle with White Enamel – Brass. It’s possible to be mindful and enjoy material things, too.

After all, they’re gorgeous pieces. We really think so.

The gleaming 18K yellow gold coating a brass body is just stunning. We can’t help but be excited about showing these pieces off in all their beauty. They’re the kind of jewelry we get really excited about sharing.


And we know it shouldn’t matter that this stuff looks stunning, but isn’t it a nice bonus that it does?

12. Focus on the meaning

Remember: it’s not about externalities.

Buying a yoga bangle is not going to automatically make you a better person, and it’s not going to suddenly connect you to your chakras. What it does do, though, is offer you something symbolic and representative of the goals you have in mind.

While it’s so easy to fall into the habit of losing focus and just coasting through the day, just by wearing a bracelet or a necklace like an incredible 18K Gold Plated Yoga Pendant – Brass – 18”, you can have a daily reminder of what you’re headed for and what you’d like to achieve.

Short and Simple, Here’s Why You Want Yoga Jewelry:

Yoga jewelry can help you in so many ways:


  • Keep yourself focused on staying aware and developing your meditation.
  • Take charge of your life through mindfulness.
  • Look good doing it, while focusing on the inner strength and beauty that’s most important to you.


We hope you fall in love with these pieces as much as we have. Visit Lavari’s Yoga collection and see for yourself!

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