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9 Jewelry Trends You Need to Know for Winter 2020

New year, new jewelry is our 2020 resolution! January is the perfect time to refresh and reinvent your signature style. Winter 2020 jewelry trends straight from the runway give you limitless ways to update your look. 

High fashion spanned a variety of looks, styles, and time periods on the winter 2020 runway, and the jewelry was just as diverse. We saw models wearing everything from delicate, layered necklaces to huge statement earrings. At Lavari, we’re all about making high fashion affordable, so we picked out the top 9 jewelry trends that will also fit your resolution to spend less this year!


1. Neo-Parisian


It’s always a good day for Paris. Designers channeled the City of Lights by including dainty necklaces, pearls, cameos, thin gold chains, and small earrings in their runway looks. Add a little French flair to your favorite outfit with this jewelry trend:


Golden Champagne Pearl Stud Earrings

2. The Layered Look 

One of our favorite jewelry trends returned this season ⁠— layered necklaces and bracelets. You can layer to fit your style because this look works with both delicate and chunky necklaces. Use different lengths and shapes of necklaces and bracelets to add dimension to your look. Mix and match with these trendy pieces:

3. Big & Bold Statement Jewelry

4. Dazzling Rhinestones

5. Neon Is Lit


Neon lit up the winter 2020 fashion runways, taking inspiration from the 1980s and rave culture. If you’re partying, you can’t have enough neon accessories! If you’re just adding a pop of trendy jewelry to your usual look, stick to one or two tamer pieces. These are some of our favorite ways to start introducing neon into your style:


6. Chunky Chains

7. Mismatched Earrings

Get out your funkiest earrings to embrace this winter 2020 jewelry trend! Try earrings of different lengths, shapes, and colors together to see what you like best. The trick is to pick two earrings that are different enough to make the choice to wear mismatched earrings look intentional. These studs will complement the wildest earrings you own:


8. Pretty Pearls


Deserving of a category all their own, pearls continue to rank as some of the trendiest jewelry you’ll see this winter. A variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and settings give this jewelry trend a unique twist for 2020. Embrace the natural beauty of these pearl earrings and necklaces:



9. Whole Lotta Hoops


Bold, eye-catching hoops are in style! We spotted neon, chunky metal, and preppy hoop earrings on the runway this season. Give this trend a try with our favorite hoops from our Lavari Outlet. (P.S. Wondering where to start? Get the scoop on hoops in our guide to picking hoop earrings that flatter your face.)


How did you add one or more of these jewelry trends to your winter 2020 look? Let us know on social media! Add #lovemylavari to your posts, and be sure to follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter for more jewelry trends and exclusive deals!

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