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9 Most Amazing Holiday Looks

Take some time to plan your holiday looks now so you won’t have a last-minute panic the day of your party. You can relax instead of frantically checking the tracking number for a package or racing to the store (or maybe just finish up some last-minute wrapping).

It’s November, and the most wonderful time of the year is here! There’s no better time to celebrate family, friends, and another year of fabulous you ⁠— something to definitely keep in mind as the craziness that often accompanies the holidays starts. There’s actually a name for it ⁠— festive stress. A recent study found 62 percent of Americans have elevated stress levels around the holidays. The most common cause of the extra stress? Gift giving.

That’s where we come in! Lavari Jewelers is all about making gifting effortless and attainable. Starting today, we’re sharing holiday gift-giving guides every week to help you find the perfect presents for your family, friends, and other important people in your life. One of those VIPs ⁠— you! As you start getting caught up in the holiday hustle and bustle, the last person you’re thinking about is yourself. Then when your holiday celebrations roll around, you’re left scrambling for a stand-out holiday outfit that fits your style and winter wardrobe (and doesn’t look like it’s left over from last year!). Talk about festive stress!

Take some time to plan your holiday looks now so you won’t have a last-minute panic the day of your party. You can relax instead of frantically checking the tracking number for a package or racing to the store (or maybe just finish up some last-minute wrapping).

Many of us have multiple parties to attend and need several holiday outfits. Maybe that includes a Christmas party outfit, a holiday outfit for work, a Hanukkah dress, and even more holiday outfits! In our 9 Most Amazing Holiday Looks, you’ll find some simple ways to dress up your usual winter wardrobe for a casual gathering or go all out (while still staying warm!) for elegant celebrations of all kinds. Hint: You can achieve several of these holiday looks using the same clothing! Mix and match a staple piece for multiple festive holiday outfits.


1. Keepin’ It Classy


This is a great look for formal settings ⁠— whether you need a holiday outfit for a business party or a Christmas dress. Wear a black dress with a festive wrap to keep with the holiday spirit. Pair with sparkly strappy heels and jewelry to match. We love dangly earrings, an icy necklace, and a sophisticated ring for this classic look.


Wear this jewelry to keep your holiday outfit classy:

2. Cozy Casual

This is an awesome holiday outfit for family get-togethers and parties with friends. A cozy sweater keeps you warm, and a patterned skirt adds some festive fun! Pair with nude pumps or biker boots ⁠— whatever matches your style and comfort level. Add a simple sparkly necklace, colorful rings, and stud earrings to match.

Wear this jewelry to complete your cozy casual holiday outfit:

3. Bundled-Up Beauty

Sometimes holiday parties require bundling up to best enjoy the experience (which is hopefully a warm drink and a sleigh ride!). Stay party-ready by choosing fun mittens and a cute knit hat in addition to your warm winter coat. It can be difficult to accessorize when you can’t see much besides your face. We suggest choosing stud earrings, flat rings, and non-metal bracelets to best accommodate heavy winter clothing while still feeling dressy.

Accessorize your bundled-up holiday outfit with this jewelry:


4. Merry and Bright


Sparkles and sequins are a timeless holiday outfit. Nothing says celebration like a shiny, show-stopping dress! Choose a dress style with a simple cut. The sequins will accentuate your beautiful self. Pair with neutral heels to avoid sparkle overload. We suggest the same for jewelry. Choose simple jewelry to let the dress be the standout part of your holiday outfit.

Accessorize your merry and bright holiday outfit with this jewelry:

5. Fur Baby

Winter and faux fur go hand-in-hand. A furry wrap or cropped jacket adds holiday cheer to an otherwise everyday look. Plus, you can use it to dress up both casual and formal looks! Match it with a tucked-in collared tunic and either a pencil skirt, dress pants, or high-waisted skinny jeans. The open collar gives you the perfect opportunity to showcase a dazzling necklace with earrings and a ring to match.

Accessorize your fur baby holiday outfit with this jewelry:



6. Velvet Dream


Silky-smooth velvet is what holiday dreams are made of! You can commit to a velvet look with a jumpsuit like this one or dress, or you can add just a little velvet with a long shirt, cropped top, or skater skirt. Choose heels and  jewelry to match the color and tone of the velvet. We’ve shared some classic jewelry choices that will look good with every velvet holiday outfit below.

Accessorize your velvet dream holiday outfit with this jewelry:


7. Evening Elegance


Take advantage of the opportunity to wear formal Christmas dress! Opt for an elegant gown for your holiday formal event. If you think you’re going to get cold, choose a dress with long sleeves or made of heavy fabric to help keep in the heat. You can also layer with a festive wrap or jacket to dress for the season while still allowing your gown to shine. Closed-toed heels or ankle boots are good options to keep your feet warm. Wear statement jewelry with your gown to accentuate its elegance.


Accessorize your evening elegance holiday outfit with this jewelry:

•BODY JEWELRY BONUS: 14K White Gold Curve Stud Diamond Nose Ring


8. Modern Monochrome 


Who says you can’t wear white after Labor Day? Playing off a snowy landscape creates a holiday outfit just as show-stopping as sequin dress. The difference? This look is a lot more casual and comfortable! The key to monochrome looks is mixing textures. Wear a white sweatshirt or sweater with white jeans and white patent leather booties. Then add a furry jacket and knit cap to complete your look. Keep your jewelry monochromatic, too. Choose icy earrings, rings, necklaces, and bracelets made with diamonds, cubic zirconia, sterling silver, and white gold. Some of our favorites are listed below!


Accessorize your modern monochrome holiday outfit with this jewelry:

9. Festival of Lights

Sparkly accents on dresses reflect the spirit of the season, and with a shorter dress, you can keep the light show going on your feet! Pair a dress with rhinestones and other intricate decorations around the neckline with sparkly heels or booties with metallic accents. Add dazzling jewelry to beam from head to toe!

Accessorize your festival of lights holiday outfit with this jewelry:

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