5 Reasons Why Men Should Get Themselves Jewelry (And Rock Them)

Jewelry pieces do not need to be standard or even boring. You can explore a lot of different styles and designs that show your personality.

Today people are more aware of men and women’s equality. No wonder there are tons of stereotypes that have become extinct! Take for example the “normal” way men and women should look—like how men should have clean-cut hair, or women should always be prim and proper, or that women should be the only ones who wear sparkly jewelry.

But that’s not the way things work anymore. Learn how men are breaking the stereotypes and are pampering themselves with jewelry as well. There is no reason men should not indulge in jewelry shopping. The norms are changing.   

What’s in this post? Here are some 5 valuable reasons why men should get themselves jewelry, too, and feel great about it!


  1. Experimentation is fun
  2. Jewelry can be useful
  3. Men wear earrings just because they can *wink*
  4. Men are sentimental!
  5. Every man should express himself freely

Experimentation is FUN!

Jewelry pieces do not need to be standard or even boring. You can explore a lot of different styles and designs that show your personality.

May it be a skull design or a sleek piece, go ahead and accessorize. Tell your story through your style. Remember: you can always give your look an upgrade or a fresh twist. You can even wear different styles depending on your mood. So showing off colorful pieces when you’re up and jolly wouldn’t hurt; it will be guaranteed fun!

Jewelry Can Be Useful, Too!

Here’s something cool: what if I tell you that you can charge your phone using your jewelry? Yes. You can! Not will it only look stylish, it will also be handy for when you are in a rush and forgot to bring your charger.

Men Wear Earrings Just Because They Can

It’s not always women who can rock their sparkly earrings; men can, too! And if you’re into that style then go ahead and wear one…or two.

The history of men’s earrings was quite interesting. It was known that the origins of this trend started way back from the events in the Bible. In the 1920s, the trend of earrings on men started to become popular due to the superstition of sailors. According to accounts, they wore earrings so if they died at sea, the person who found their corpse would give them a proper burial—with the earrings as payment.

However, in the modern era, men, just like women, can wear earrings for the sake of style. Often, there really isn’t a very special reason to it—like being rebellious or whatnot. If a man likes how an earring looks like and he wants to wear it because he thinks they’re cool, then he can do so.

Men Can Be Sentimental!

Usually, the only jewelry a man wears is his wedding or engagement ring. Pieces like these are simple yet elegant. These types of rings are with high importance and meaning to these men who religiously wear them every day.

But men can also show how they give utmost significance to other types of jewelry pieces. They are not limited to wearing only promise rings.


Guys can give their guy friends jewelry as well. Take for example friendship bracelets. Or brotherhood rings. I know college fraternity guys who exchange rings as a sign of their brotherhood and commitment to their organization.

Fathers, uncles, grandpas, and other family members also love keeping jewelry. Especially if these are pieces from their loved ones. Many family men I know can’t get out of their home without putting on jewelry pieces like bracelets or necklaces given by their mother, wife, or children.

Every Man Should Express Himself Freely

Whether you’re a family man or a frat boy, even the boy-next-door, there’s no reason for you to limit your freedom of self-expression through jewelry. If you want a diamond earring, then go ahead and search for the piece that sparkles yet still oozes with masculinity. It depends on your style, really. It also depends on your mood and personality.

Jewelry for Everybody: Lavari Jewelers

There are more various reasons why men should enjoy showing off the sparkles of their own jewelry. It is nice to know that today, jewelry shops equally cater to men’s preferences as well. Lavari Jewelers ensures that every person finds that piece which will truly represent his or her unique personality.

Regardless if you are a man or a woman, by birth or by choice, there is always a perfect jewelry for you. Do not be afraid to express yourself freely and honestly. You have your own story; let us help you tell it your way.

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