What Is The Best Way To Clean Your Stainless Steel Ring

Although stainless steel rings have a number of desirable features, we still can’t prevent that over time it gets dull. Good thing there are lots of ways to bring its glow back! Choosing the best way to clean your stainless steel ring is so easy. All you need to do is try these methods and see for yourself which one best suits you in the long run.

A lot of men like having stainless steel jewelry due to its durability and classic style. Stainless steel is in fact a long-lasting metal found in different types of jewelry. It is often used for men’s wedding bands and other fashion jewelry. Stainless steel rings are often described as a long-lasting that does not rust at all. But like any other thing in this world, stainless steel rings also lose their polish and shine as time passes by.

Although stainless steel rings have a number of desirable features, we still can’t prevent that over time it gets dull. Good thing there are lots of ways to bring its glow back! Choosing the best way to clean your stainless steel ring is so easy. All you need to do is try these methods and see for yourself which one best suits you in the long run.

Read ahead and learn the different ways and materials you can use at home to bring back your stainless steel rings’ shine.

  • First we will tackle a brief background of stainless steel rings’ features
  • Next, we will discuss the various cleaning methods and materials you can use at home
  • To close the article, we will also give tips on how to maintain the beauty of your stainless steel rings and ways on how to properly store them.
  • Finally, we will show you Lavari Jeweler’s available stainless steel rings. We promise you will also fall in love with this type of ring!

What are stainless steel rings like?

Stainless steel rings are bands made of iron and chromium. The best thing about stainless steel rings is that they do not tarnish, rust, or corrode. They are very durable that they can even look like platinum rings—but at a significantly lower cost.

Regardless of its many nice and fine features, however, stainless steel rings can lose its luster. It also tends to get easily scratched and turn dull over time.


But no need to worry too much! You do not need to throw away or hide your old stainless steel rings once they get dull. There are a lot of ways to clean and restore the shine that your stainless steel rings once had. The best part is you can do these at home!


There are different methods you can choose from when cleaning your stainless steel ring. You can try each of these and see which one is the best for your rings!


Note: Before performing any of the following methods, make sure to clean your rings first. Keep rings away from dirt. Rub rings with clean cloth and ensure that they are not covered in dust.


Method No. 1: Using Soap and Water

When your stainless steel ring only needs a quick cleaning, a simple soap and water combo can do the trick.


First, prepare two bowls filled with water. One will be used for washing the ring and one will be for rinsing. Make sure that both bowls are big or deep enough for the ring to be completely submerged. Also, use warmer water for the second bowl. I highly recommend not cleaning your jewelry in the sink to avoid the risk of it falling down the drain.


Next, get your choice of liquid soap. You may opt to use a mild dishwashing soap for rings that are not too dirty or dull. Meanwhile, use a stronger liquid soap for rings that have more dirt or discoloration. For a stronger remedy, find a dishwashing soap particularly for fighting grease.

4_liquid soap

Have 2 small pieces of cloth to use; one to be submerged in soapy water and one for drying the jewelry piece. Tip: Use soft, lint-free cloth that is not harsh to the rings. A microfiber cloth is advisable especially for drying the rings to avoid scratches on them.

You may also use a soft-bristled toothbrush/brush to clean rings that have more compact dirt on them. You may use a toothbrush meant for babies to clean rings, as this type is the most gentle and has the softest bristles.


Add a few drops of liquid soap to bowl #1. The amount of liquid soap will depend on how dirty or dull the rings appear. Mix the solution until it produces suds or bubbles. Put the rings in the mixture for about 5 minutes so the dirt or stains will get softer, thus easier to remove. Dab the first cloth or brush on the soapy bowl. Gently rub or brush the rings until they are clean again.


Next, put the rings in the second bowl with warm water. Gently put the rings in the water, out of it, and repeat until rings are rinsed well. Dry the rings using a soft cloth and make sure they do not get damaged or scratched. Rub them as gently as possible. Make sure there is no any water left to avoid water spots on the rings.


Method No. 2: Paste Out of Baking Soda and Water

Another way to clean stainless steel rings is through water and baking soda. For this method you will need a tablespoon of baking soda and half a tablespoon of water. You may increase these depending on how large or how many stainless steel rings you will clean. You will also need a soft-bristled toothbrush, another bowl with warm water, and a clean, soft cloth for drying.


On a small bowl, put the baking soda and water. Mix them until you create a paste. Dab the toothbrush on the mixture and get enough paste to clean the whole ring. Softly brush the piece until the dirt or discoloration disappears.

8_baking soda

After you’ve thoroughly cleaned the ring, dip it repeatedly on a bowl filled with warm water. Make sure that there are no residues of the baking soda paste.


Finally, dry the ring using a clean, soft towel, such as a microfiber cloth. Make sure that no water is left to avoid marks. For stainless steel rings that have more details, gems, or design, cover them with same cloth and let water be absorbed from all parts of the rings.

Method No. 3: Cleaning with Toothpaste

The next practical and easy way to clean your stainless steel ring at home is by using toothpaste. Remember to use a plain, white toothpaste and not the type that has silica in them. Silica will risk scratching your ring. Whitening agents have the tendency to be harsh and abrasive to your stainless steel ring.

10_white toothpaste-min

Again, use a soft-bristled brush. You may also use a soft, lint-free cloth. Dampen the brush or cloth. Make sure it is not soaking wet. Put a pea-sized toothpaste on the brush or cloth. Gently clean the stainless steel ring. Make sure to do this as gently as possible to avoid scratching your rings.


Tip: when brushing or rubbing the ring, make sure you go with the grain and not against it. Take extra care when cleaning rings with stones and other intricate details.


After making sure that all dirt has been removed, rinse the ring thoroughly with warm, clean water. Finish this method with drying the rings using a microfiber cloth. Tap rings only; do not rub too hard to avoid damage to the pieces.


Method No. 4: The Use of Ultrasonic Cleaners

Using ultrasonic cleaners, in general, is the simplest way of cleaning stainless steel rings. It is used to clean those with elaborate styles to ensure all spots are covered.

Take note, however, that it is not advisable to use an ultrasonic cleaner for jewelry with gemstones as gemstones may become loose and damage the ring altogether. Remember that this device operates with intense vibration.

Bonus Tips!

After cleaning your stainless steel rings, you may want to polish them as a to give it the ultimate fresh look. Store your rings properly. Do not put them in a container with other gemstones. This will avoid scratching other rings with one another.

Here are other do’s and don’ts when maintaining stainless steel rings:

  • Store them in a cloth pouch to keep from dust and moisture
  • Do not use bleach and/or chlorine when cleaning to avoid damaging the surface of the material
  • Restore the beauty of stainless steel rings by washing the dirt off and keeping it free from scratches or any other damage

It is so important to regularly clean and take good care of your stainless steel rings. When these pieces remain clean then they will remain shiny and lustrous for a long time.

I love stainless steel rings!

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