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What Chain Length Is Best For You?

Having this guide on how to determine the length of your stainless steel necklace will help you in your next purchase. You will learn how different necklace lengths hang on your body and the exact spot where they fall, no matter what your body type is. More interestingly, you will learn that there are right and appropriate kinds of necklace length depending on various types of neck, height, face, and body.

You may not realize it, but there are various ways of determining which chain length is best for you. This is one of the techniques that are best to know when buying others (like your SO) necklaces as gifts. Once you know the techniques and factors on how to properly choose the chain length, you will see how much your jewelry will complement your face and even the outfit of your choice. 
In this article, we will be focusing on the chain length of stainless steel necklaces. Stainless steel necklaces are known for their durability and silver-like appearance. Stainless steel does not tarnish and is best for any body type, as it can have a hypo-allergenic finish. Overall, having a stainless steel necklace or any stainless steel jewelry is practical. It also looks good on every man or woman.

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An 18-inch stainless steel necklace

Note, however, that these measurements may still vary for some. You may do little adjustments according to your body type. For instance, if you have a thinner neck then you may want to choose a shorter size. 
Below are specific guidelines on a number of factors to consider when choosing the right necklace length for you. 
Factors to consider when choosing chain length of stainless steel necklace, for all body types! 
Knowing the right necklace length is useful especially to those who want to accentuate a specific part of their body. Here are the factors you need to know so you get to choose the stainless steel necklace length to better express yourself! 
It is important to know the measurements of your neck especially when you plan to buy shorter necklaces, for instance, a choker. 
Use a soft measuring tape to check the necklace length you will need. If you are going for a necklace that will rest below your collarbone, buy the next size from your own measurement. For example, if your neck to lower collarbone measures at 18 inches, buy the 20-inch stainless steel chain, just to be safe. 

Stainless steel necklace resting below the collarbone

Sometimes, you may find it necessary to wear a necklace that will complement your height. For example, a petite frame may be overwhelmed by a stainless steel necklace that’s too long. Below are some suggestions on how to select necklace length according to your height. 

HeightSuggested necklace length
5’4 and below16 to 20 inches, v-neck style necklace; it will give you a taller appearance as it will elongate your neckline
5’5 to 5’7Any length works well!
5’8 and tallerLonger styles will further give accent to your tall frame while shorter ones will feature your facial characteristics

Shape of Face 
For some, wearing a necklace is their way to frame their face. The length of your necklace can even affect how your face appears! Knowing the following factors will allow you to make your strong facial features stand out. Look for your face shape below and see the recommended necklace length for you. 

Necklace lengthFace shape recommendationWhat it accentuates
10 to 14 inchesrectangular and oblongThese choker-type necklaces can make one’s jaw appear shorter, and smoothen the angles on rectangular faces.
10 to 16 inchesheart-shapedThis type of necklace is a good choice when you want to soften the gorgeous sharp angle of your chin.
26 to 36 inchesroundMuch longer necklaces tend to elongate the jawline.
Any lengthovalYou can practically use any necklace in any length.

While we have the guides above to determine how the stainless steel necklace will fall or look on your body, we recognize diversity and uniqueness of every individual. 
Note that these are only suggestions. It’s still up to you whatever stainless steel necklace length you prefer! Besides, we’re sure you’ll rock any chain length or pendant size as long as you have fun expressing yourself with them! 
Stainless Steel Necklace from Lavari Jewelers 
Knowing the chain length of your stainless steel necklace is important to many. These can help you in showcasing their amazing prized pieces. As you showcase various lengths of your necklaces, you are able to give accent to your features. 
Lavari Jewelers has a very beautiful collection of stainless steel necklaces that you really have to see. Also, check out our awesome 
pendants that will match your necklace. Continue on browsing and double checking on our products’ descriptions so you can make sure that what you purchase is the right fit for you! 

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