What Size Hoop Earrings Should I Get?

Hoop earrings are some of the important staples in one’s jewelry collection. A pair is classic and truly enhances a person’s outfit. There are lots of hoop earrings styles that you can choose — ones with extra studs or even diamonds, others just classic sterling silver or stainless steel.

Wondering what kind of jewelry to give your significant other? Or what jewelry to purchase for yourself? If you are looking for a classic jewelry piece to add to your collection then purchasing hoop earrings can be the best for you.

Hoop earrings are some of the important staples in one’s jewelry collection. A pair is classic and truly enhances a person’s outfit. There are lots of hoop earrings styles that you can choose—ones with extra studs or even diamonds, others just classic sterling silver or stainless steel.


However, hoop earrings have a wide range of sizes in diameter and width. As you purchase your hoop earrings online, it is important to know the primary factors to consider, such as the earrings’ size guide and size comparison. It is equally important to know as well the type of hoop earrings that will best fit your personality, face shape, and even your fashion or style.


After reading this article, you will be equipped with essential know-hows especially if this is your first time to purchase hoop earrings, especially online. You will be able to get familiarized with the following information:

  • different diameter and thickness of hoop earrings
  • the size comparison of hoop earrings with familiar things, such as coins
  • personal factors to consider when choosing the perfect hoop earrings for you, for example, the best hoop earring size according to the shape of your face or the length of your hair
  • the right size of hoop earrings according to your lifestyle or personality


After knowing this information, go ahead and check out our collection for the gorgeous hoop earrings we offer. We offer different types and sizes that will definitely fit your unique style.


Hoop Earrings: A Size Guide

Sometimes, it may be difficult to determine the size of hoop earrings you like to purchase, especially through online. So, to help you know how big or small that beautiful hoop earring posted on Lavari Jewelers is, follow the size guide below. It will give you the diameter in millimeter. We also added a conversion to inches for further guidance.

Here’s a stainless steel twisted hoop earrings, size 50 mm

Tip: Check your ruler to get a clearer picture of the measurements we have below.

Diameter in millimeters

Diameter in inches





























Note: The smallest size is also referred to as huggie-type.

This sterling silver huggie hoop earrings is 13mm in diameter and has a gorgeous cubic zirconia details

Size Guide: Measurement Comparisons

There are other practical ways to have an image on how big the diameter of a pair of hoop earrings is. Here are size comparisons with familiar objects we see every day.


(in mm)







half-dollar coin


base of a soda can



Size Guide: Hoop Earrings Width

After knowing the diameter you want, the next step is to know the width of hoop earrings you are about to purchase. It is important to know the width or thickness of the earrings especially if you are looking for a certain design that will complement your face or lifestyle.

Stainless steel hoop earrings in rose gold from Lavari Jewelers collection

For instance, if you prefer your hoop earrings to have more studs or diamonds or perhaps cubic zirconia, then you should choose a pair that are wider for more areas to be filled by the details. However, if you want a classic pair or something simple, then the thin ones are your go-to hoop earring.

Factors That Can Affect Hoop Earring Choice

If you still want more details and tips on how to choose the best hoop earrings for your personality, then read ahead and know the different factors to consider.

Your hair length can affect your choice of hoop earring size. Usually, people who have longer hair (about below-shoulder length and longer) get the larger hoop earrings. Bigger hoop earrings tend to add style to long hair lengths.

However, if you have shorter hair (even pixy cut!) and you feel like making a bolder statement, then go ahead and showcase that wide and big hoops! Again, it depends on how you feel and which style you want to rock.


Another factor to consider is your face shape. Medium to large hoop earrings are the perfect for long, narrow faces, as the hoop earrings will make your face look fuller. Square-shaped faces will also look good with large hoops, as these will soften the edges of your face.



You can also show the kind of lifestyle you have in these quirky jewelry pieces. Hoop earrings in smaller sizes are best for laid-back individuals. Large and wide ones with embellishments are fit for those who often go to formal gatherings. Large and lightweight hoop earrings are best for club- or party-goers for style and comfort. Meanwhile, the smallest hoop earrings or huggie-type are best for everyday use, for instance, at school or in the office.

However, take note that these are just some of our tips and it’s definitely okay if you don’t follow them. You have every right to rock any size hoop earrings, as long as you have fun and feel good about them!

Lavari Jewelers: Styles for Everybody

Whatever style you have, whatever purpose you want to use your hoop earrings on, let Lavari Jewelers offer you our unique and stylish collection of hoop earrings. Remember to consult the size guides above to make sure you are purchasing the right size hoop earrings.

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