Unique Ways To Present Jewelry Gifts For Your SO

There are some unique ways you can do when giving your significant other that similarly unique jewelry you’ve recently purchased for that special occasion. May it be a birthday, anniversary, or Valentine’s day present, we are going to give you fun ideas on how to present jewelry gifts for your partner.

Put the jewelry gift inside a small box, and put this small box in a medium one, then into a bigger one until your real gift is inside multiple boxes. You may use houseware boxes to add humor (and frustration) to your prank. Another idea would be putting the jewelry inside a pan and wrap it in a bigger box. Your significant other would think he/she received a cooking ware and will later be surprised to see a set of pearl jewelry inside!

Package Delivery

Another way to have fun surprising your partner is by making him/her answer the door for a package delivery addressed to him/her. Watch how confused he/she will look as he/she receives a package he/she never ordered, and see his/her face glow as he/she realizes it’s a surprise jewelry gift from you!

Let Your SO “Discover” It

Another creative stunt you may do is to make your significant other “accidentally” find the gift. A sample scenario could be done during your anniversary breakfast. Ask him/her to get you a set of cutlery from a drawer and as he/she opens it, he/she will find the jewelry gift you hid there the night before.

For this surprise, you may opt to buy smaller jewelry pieces so it can be easier to hide. Wrap a pair of earrings or a bold, beautiful ring so you can quickly hide it before the big reveal.

Other places to hide your surprise jewelry gifts include your cereal box or medicine cabinet: somewhere he/she always accesses everyday. You can also leave a small note on the gift so he/she will know what it’s for.


Treasure Hunt

For the couple who loves to have fun activities, you may prepare a treasure or scavenger hunt game for your partner. Leave clues and riddles starting from your bedroom leading to the place where you have hidden the jewelry gift.

The riddles and clues are preferably facts and bits of trivia about your relationship. This will be a fun game that will also strengthen your relationship, as it will likewise become a test of how well you know your significant other.

Do this surprise during your anniversary where you’ve prepared an expensive jewelry piece. It will be like a real treasure hunt!


Special Gift, Special Place

You and your significant other have shared tons of beautiful memories in a particular place. It can be anywhere: by the lake, a posh restaurant, or even a specific room inside your home. This special place can be the perfect spot to hand him/her over that surprise jewelry gift you’ve been keeping from him/her!

If you’re married, this act can relive the moment when you proposed to her/him (or when he/she proposed to you)! The feeling of rush and astonishment will come back and will surely make him/her so happy. The “special spot” can also be an event, for example a concert or fair, where you can wait for the perfect moment to reveal to him/her the surprise present!

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