What Are Birthstones And What Do Each Of Them Mean

Birthstones have fascinating history which are worthwhile to know about. Knowing your own birthstone is fun as you can pattern the jewelry you buy with it! More enthralling is to know what your birthstone means and maybe it says something about your personality. How cool is that?

Just a sample breastplate, to give you an idea how the prophet Aaron’s looked like (Photo from Flickr)

There are lots of legends and myths regarding birthstones. Some say that these gems have healing properties, that some people even have the whole collection of these stones and wear each per month!


Birthstones by month

Are you excited to know what your birthstone is? Find out below!

Birthstone per month
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January: Garnet. This gem comes in many different colors but the most popular is deep red. This stone is often related to friendship and trust. Its name originated from the Latin word “granatum” which means “seed” as its appearance looks like a pomegranate seed.

February: Amethyst. Its purple hue symbolizes royalty. However, like garnet, it has other color variation and the origin coming from modern Russia to ancient Greeks and Romans. Each culture has different interpretations to this gem.

March: Aquamarine. As its name, “aqua” is about water, this stone is used to protect sailors who are out in the ocean. This blue gem is durable and pure, and thus famous for its durability.

April: Diamond. One of the hardest gems in our time, the diamond is known as the most beautiful and popular birthstones ever. It’s also referred to “a woman’s best friend”. Just letting you guys know 😉 

May: Emerald. With its deep green color, Emerald is said to represent youth, growth, and intelligence. It originates from the Greek word “smargados” which literally means “green”.

June: Pearl. This birthstone can be considered as the most unique one as it is made by a living animal. Note: Some consider Alexandrite as the second birthstone of June. It’s a color-changing gem, green in daylight and purple-red in artificial light.

July: Ruby. Another hard natural gem is the Ruby, which, due to its deep red color, symbolizes wisdom. Its deep red color is so famous that a lot of people use it for fashion.

August: Peridot. Historically, this lime green gem is used to heal and ward off nightmares. This stone comes from under the ground and are brought up to the ground through volcanic eruptions.

September: Sapphire. This dark blue to violet gem is known to protect lovers from harm. It is also known as one of the hardest minerals.

October: Opal. This gem is so unique as it appears like having tri-color. It is so beautiful and fun to wear. Another known birthstone of October is Tourmaline, a pink stone that looks lovely on any person!

November: Topaz. This stone has been priced since the ancient Chinese era, and its beautiful orange-pink hue is reason for its being precious. Like the other months, November also has a second stone, which is the warm, orange Citrine.

December: Blue Topaz. It is said that this stone is a symbol of love and affection. It is also known as an instrument to help a person with his/her sweet disposition. Aside from this gem, December has other birthstones: blue zircon, tanzanite and turquoise, all blue in color. Even if December isn’t your birth month I think it’s interesting to have a jewelry with topaz to help us be more affectionate and helpful to others! 🙂 Lavari Jewelers birthstone collection

Now that you already know which birthstone you have, it’s time to explore the different jewelry collections form Lavari Jewelers! Even more fun part is knowing that you can buy any birthstone even if it’s not yours, technically! Remember, in the ancient times, people have each birthstone so that they can avail all the powers each one has.

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