How Do I Take Care Of My Cubic Zirconium Jewelry

Taking care of your cubic zirconium jewelry is so easy to do. Knowing the steps on cleaning and ways on how to further maintain its lustrous appearance is so important to keep your cubic zirconium beautiful and wearable. If you have cubic zirconium jewelry, read on and know the proper ways to take care of them.

As discussed in a previous post, Why Cubic Zirconium Is A Good Alternative To Diamonds, we’ve learned about some reasons why owning or giving a cubic zirconium jewelry is a good idea. It’s not expensive yet it resembles a lot of diamond’s physical attributes. So if you already have a big collection of cubic zirconium jewelry, it will be best to know how to maintain the sparkle of your collection and learn some tips you can apply when taking care of your cubic zirconium.

Taking care of your cubic zirconium jewelry is so easy to do. Knowing the steps on cleaning and ways on how to further maintain its lustrous appearance is so important to keep your cubic zirconium beautiful and wearable. If you have cubic zirconium jewelry, read on and know the proper ways to take care of them.

In this article, we will discuss the following:

  • How to clean cubic zirconium gems/stones
  • How to clean the setting of cubic zirconium jewelry
  • How to properly store your cubic zirconium pieces
  • How to care of your cubic zirconium jewelry when worn
  • Cubic zirconium jewelry pieces from Lavari Jewelers

Cleaning the stones and gems of cubic zirconium jewelry

We know that cubic zirconium pieces look like diamonds but they are not as tough as diamonds. Cubic zirconium jewels are softer compared to diamonds, so careful cleaning is highly suggested. When cleaning the gems, use a soft brush. I recommend using a baby’s toothbrush so it’s softer than regular brushes.

Use this brush with mild soap and water. Gently scrub the cubic zirconium gems until dirt that has accumulated are removed. After this, rinse the jewelry with warm water. Make sure that it is thoroughly rinsed since soap may build up in the gems as well. I recommend doing this over a bowl instead of over the sink to avoid it accidentally falling down the drain. When you’re already satisfied of how clean your cubic zirconium is, use a clean, soft towel to gently pat it dry. Note that you are not supposed to rub the jewelry too hard. Patting it gently will dry it well. Also, never use tissue paper when drying your cubic zirconium gems.

It’s advisable to clean your cubic zirconium gems at least every two weeks (or even once every three months) to keep it sparkly and pretty.


Cleaning the setting of cubic zirconium jewelry pieces

Your cubic zirconium stones can either be placed on different metals: from a sterling silver setting to a platinum or gold ones. If your cubic zirconium is set on an expensive metal, then you’re in luck; your jewelry will look awesome for a long time. However, if it’s set in a cheaper one, you must be vigilant in maintaining its beauty or else it will tarnish soon. And this means you won’t be able to wear your cubic zirconium jewelry for a longer period.

You will likely clean the setting of your jewelry depending on its material. For instance, if you have a sterling silver, then use a high-quality jewelry cleaner and/or tarnish remover to maintain its luster, same as for gold or platinum. For metals plated with rhodium (one that prevents scratches and other damages), you may opt to just use a mild soap and warm water.


Proper storage of cubic zirconium jewelry

Now that you know how to clean the whole jewelry piece, it’s time to know how to properly keep your cubic zirconium jewelry. When you store your jewelry, remember that taking careful note of what the metal setting is made of is more important than the gems itself. This is because the cubic zirconium stones are not likely to get scratched or damaged easily, compared to the metal settings they are attached to.

Use a jewelry pouch to separate and protect your cubic zirconium jewelry. You may also separate the jewelry pieces inside the jewelry box. To make sure they don’t scratch each other, you may opt to cover each cubic zorconium jewelry piece in soft cloths before placing them inside your jewelry box. This will not only prevent from having scratches but also from tarnishing.

Our previous article, How To Keep A Sterling Silver Jewelry From Tarnishing, have more cleaning tips if your cubic zirconium gems are atop a sterling silver setting.


Wearing cubic zirconium with care

How you wear your cubic zirconium pieces is equally important as well. While wearing your jewelry, there are things that you should be wary of, for instance, chemicals from perfume, lotion, and the likes.

Take your cubic zirconium jewelry first before spraying perfume

It will be best to take off your cubic zirconium jewelry when taking a bath, cleaning with soap or harsher cleaning materials and solutions, as well as when putting on lotion and perfume, among others. Chlorine in swimming pools and even your perspiration can possibly damage your jewelry, so remember to take them off before swimming or doing strenuous activities that will make you sweat.


Lavari Jewelers cubic zirconium collection

Hope you have learned how to better take care of your cubic zirconium jewelry. Remember to properly clean the gems themselves, as well as the metal where they are set. And cleaning the jewelry setting will depend on the material or type of metal. Finally, know how to properly store them in a jewelry box where they don’t scratch one another, and wear them accordingly, when you are not perspiring or not in/using chemicals that will damage the jewelry.


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