Better Late Than Never: Tips On How To Give Gifts To Your Loved Ones During Get Together Events

You don’t need to feel upset when you’re close to arriving empty-handed at your family’s and friends’ annual get together. You can still make up for it even with just a short time. Here are some tips on what to do when you get caught up in this type of situation and still make your family and loved ones feel special this season.

The holidays have now been long gone and are now considered a thing of the past (so long, 2018!) although it’s still the season for some post holiday family gatherings or perhaps homecoming for some. Understandably, for a lot of us, we tend to get caught up on a lot of workload at the office and even at home that sometimes we forget that a family reunion is about to be held very soon.

Maybe you got really busy from work and forgot all together that it’s already the season for family and/or friends get together events. Or perhaps you just simply lacked the time to go gift shopping for this season. Worse, your courier was not able to deliver the gifts on time. And that’s okay; it’s not too late to give your loved ones packages or gifts intended for the holidays. What’s important is they know that you haven’t forgotten about them this season.

You don’t need to feel upset when you’re close to arriving empty-handed at your family’s and friends’ annual get together. You can still make up for it even with just a short time. Here are some tips on what to do when you get caught up in this type of situation and still make your family and loved ones feel special this season.

  • Be creative! Hint: you’ll need lots of boxes
  • Be always creative! Hint: easy DIY gifts
  • Hurry down to the mall and purchase something special
  • Tell them in all honesty that their gifts are not yet on-hand
  • Purchase gift cards

Lavari Jewelers has a number of gift cards you can purchase for your loved ones. There are several choices that you can pick for each of your loved one’s personality!

Be creative! Use lots of boxes

One unfortunate thing to happen involving courier services is for them not being able to deliver your orders on time. It’s not your fault and explaining this to your loved ones will be fine (most of the time they’ll understand). There are times also that you just completely forgot that the get together or party is fast approaching and you get surprised that the event is today! (*Gasp*)


And it happens, really. With the super fast-paced environment that we have currently, forgetting about events such as reunions or homecoming events tends to become something normal nowadays.


You can make up for this, however. Here is one strategy that you may opt to follow when life just hits you and you lack the chance to prepare ahead of time.


Do this especially if you and your family are fond of opening presents all at the same time. In this strategy, you will need small to large boxes. The idea is to put an image of the gift (catalogue photo or image of the product online) inside a small box together with a creative note saying, for instance, “Wait for me, I’m on my way!” or the like.


And then put this small box in a larger one, then to another larger box, and so on. Then wrap it up with a holiday-themed wrapper. Note, though, that you may opt to use this trick if you are certain your receiver has a really good sense of humor. Don’t use this if you know the person will be upset by the joke!


I think it’s advisable to do this trick/prank/strategy to your closest family member/friend. Perhaps your younger sister will get the humor in it and play along. Anyway, isn’t it fun and exciting to open a lot of funky boxes and at the end get a glimpse of what you will be expecting to arrive soon at your doorstep? If I were in that situation I know I would appreciate the effort and thought put into the stunt. 😉 Remember those other creative ways to present your gifts for your SO? You can surprise her/him with these unique ways, too!


Be creative! Make DIY presents

This is also related to the previous tip. I encourage you to use a lot of your creative juices in coming up with a fun way to let your loved ones know that their presents are still on their way. Perhaps creating a special card that somehow explains that your gift will be delivered to them at a later time will help ease the awkwardness (if there’s any).


If you have more spare time leading to your family get together or homecoming of some sort, and ideally you have the knack for painting, writing, or creating in general, then this tip is the perfect one for you to do. Cards with your very own calligraphy design on the front page with your very own poem or short message inside will surely brighten your loved one’s day during your family event.


Other items that you can actually do by yourself at home include home-made bar and liquid soaps, fancy and scented candles (use glitters, ribbons, and colorful papers), miniature indoor plants placed in cute and fun mugs, crafty mugs, and even baked goodies like fruit cake, cheesecakes, and chocolate chip cookies! (Okay, any type of cookies preferred is absolutely fine. As long as they’re cookies lol.) If you have a specialty that you’ve been doing as a hobby for a long time then you’re in luck! Giving a piece of your personality and interests to your loved ones will surely be appreciated and loved by them.


But then I acknowledge that not all of you, dear readers, have the abundance of creative juice and crafty skills. No problem at all! There are others ways on how to make up for the last minute gift giving you’re about to attend to.


Purchase (quickly) at the mall

When you can’t wait any longer for the packages to arrive or you can’t do anything crafty at all, then the easiest thing to do is to have a quick shopping spree at the mall. Although risky and tedious (i.e., looking for the perfect gift according to your loved one’s personality with a very short time allotted), this could be the most sure way to arrive at the get together celebration with gifts on hand.

Make sure that what you purchase, even though done at the last minute, shall be something relevant to your family. Never give gifts just because you need to hand someone something. Always remember to give them an important piece that they will really appreciate; something that tells them that you value and appreciate their personality and uniqueness.


In order for you to capture (if not perfectly, then at least correctly) which kind of gift you will but for them, then I suggest you do a quick last minute list. Write down the individuals you will need to give gifts to during the event and internalize quickly on what they would love to receive from you. For example, your brother is a techy one and is actually working in the technology industry, then head to the digital/tech department at the mall and grab a gadget for him.


Tip: when in a hurry doing a last minute gift shopping at the mall, purchase gift bags instead. It’s easier and more neat; will save you tons of time!


Now, if you’re not confident enough in doing a last minute shopping or in creating something out of scratch, then go on to this next item:


Be truthful

Just be truthful that you have not bought any gift to give them…at that moment. But reassure them that you’ve purchased (or that you’re about to buy) for them something special, only that the gift is going to be late.


You can also contact the courier to send the package to your loved one’s address instead, so the gift will directly reach your family.


Again, for sure, they will understand and of course appreciate your effort in showing your thoughtfulness toward and truthfulness to them.


However, if you couldn’t stand the thought of going to your family gathering without anything to give to anyone, then I highly suggest you turn to this next tip:


Buy them gift cards instead

Now, the previous tips are very apt for situations when the courier messed up during this season and/or your schedule couldn’t fit for you to go out and buy gifts for them. But what if you simply were not able to purchase anything for the family, because you simply forgot (yep, workload before and even during the holiday break can be so stressful and yep, we get you) or you simply couldn’t find anything from shops (may it be physical or online ones) and you don’t know what to exactly buy for them. And you never want to come to the event without anything at all, we understand that. Some of you tend to get too embarrassed showing up without gifts.


But…Don’t fret too much! There are heaven-sent options you can avail for your family during this type of situation. Gift cards! Or online or e-gift cards, specifically.


Lavari Jewelers: Gift Cards for everyone!

Lavari Jewelers has a number of gift cards you can purchase for your dear ones; they are very easy to get a hold of yet the meaning and thought put into giving them can still be immensely profound. Most especially if given to your loved ones and friends whom you know are very passionate about (or simply enjoy and love) purchasing jewelry pieces.


As you have read from our previous posts, Lavari Jewelers caters to everyone. We adhere to the principle that every individual has his/her own sense of style. This way, we do our best to provide our dear customers with a more diverse and inclusive choices of jewelry in our catalogues.


Lavari Jewelers offers a range of jewelry designs from simple ones to uber sparkly and elaborated designs. We recognize that each person has his/her own sense of style and self expression, and we absolutely love and respect that!


With this, we have come up with sets of different kinds of gift cards, designed according to people’s preferences and personalities, that everyone will surely enjoy!


Lavari Jewelers gift cards are easy to buy; literally just a click away and you’re good to go. Gift cards range from $10 to $100. And the best part is these have themes on them so you can still pick the right one for your loved ones, may they be loving simple or super elegant and luxurious jewelry pieces!

Give this SMPL gift card to your brother who loves simple necklace or bracelet designs. They can choose a number of Lavari Jewelers SMPL design on our website.
If you’re not sure which specific design your aunt or uncle wants to have then give them this Lavari Jewelers e-gift card! Their style, their story!

Whether you are someone who prefers to see your loved ones receive something tangible during your reunion or someone who loves to do artistic and personalized presents for the ones you love or probably prefers convenience through gifting electronic gift cards, surely you will get an idea or two on how to handle last-minute situations such as what we’ve discussed earlier.


The most important thing about doing any of these game plans is the effort you so willingly put into making your family happy during your annual get together. I’m certain that your family will surely appreciate the special gesture you put into the gifts you give them. And I think that’s the most beautiful thing: your family knowing that they are also in your thoughts during this special time of the year.

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