Jewelry Gift Ideas For My SO This Valentine's Day

Valentine’s day is the perfect avenue for you to go cheesy and adorable all the way. It’s the perfect time to spoil your partner with lovely jewelry gifts. Let every Valentine’s day celebration be a day that your SO will cherish for a very long time.

Valentine’s Day can easily become a happy couple’s most special and meaningful day (of course aside from their anniversary day). As the air is filled up by intoxicating love during this time of the year, one must plan ahead on what special gift to give his/her significant other. It really is better to get ready ahead of time.


What better way to celebrate and surprise your SO than to pop a jewelry gift during your Valentine’s day dinner. Giving him/her jewelry as a Valentine gift shows how much you care and value him/her as your partner. But don’t get me wrong. I am not saying this to imply that showing your loved one that you care about him/her is only through giving expensive gifts; giving jewelry is one way to show that you know your SO’s preferences, personality, and style. And imagine how stylish and elegant it will be when you hand him/her the jewelry you know he/she will cherish this year and the next years to come. After all, it’s the thought that counts, right?


Read along and let me guide you through the jewelry gift ideas you can adopt for this year’s Valentine’s day celebration with your loving SO. I assure you that giving him/her the perfect jewelry piece will be the cherry on top for this special day. Let’s tackle these topics:

  • Things to consider when buying your SO jewelry for valentine’s day
  • Budget
  • Style
  • Type of Relationship (link to article abt jewelry to buy relative to kind of relp)
  • Gift Ideas for Him and Her
  • Lavari Jewelers Valentine’s Collection


Lavari Jewelers Valentine’s Day Collection will bring you great ideas on what jewelry to give your partner for this special day. You can also browse our other collections such as SMPL collection especially for your partner who loves simple yet elegant pieces.

Valentine’s day is the perfect avenue for you to go cheesy and adorable all the way. It’s the perfect time to spoil your partner with lovely jewelry gifts. Let every Valentine’s day celebration be a day that your SO will cherish for a very long time.

Things to consider before buying jewelry for valentine’s day

Finding the best piece of jewelry gift for your SO this Valentine’s day can be exciting. You are going to put in effort (and of course, as well as love!) in determining which type of jewelry piece you are about to surprise your significant other with. You would want to see him/her overjoyed as he/she opens your present during Valentine’s dinner, right?

Before getting to the Valentine’s dinner scenario, however, here are the things you need to consider first before diving into buying any jewelry for your partner.


Your Budget

Yes, giving your significant other a very special gift this Valentine’s day can be the most important for you right now, but you need to gauge first if spending too much for that gift is okay with your actual budget.

You may want to ask these to yourself: Will spending this amount of money hamper my daily living for this month? Will my SO appreciate me spending too much for a single gift? Will I be happy if I spend this too much for a single purchase?


If your answers lead to you being miserable after spending more than what you actually can, then relax and don’t do it.


Besides, spending way too much does not always equate to buying the perfect gift. There are tons of very precious jewelry pieces that cost way less than you expect.


Try to look at your overall expenses and see how much would be the ceiling for your SO’s jewelry gift. Besides, there are lots of precious and elegant jewelry pieces in our Lavari Jewelers website that you will definitely find gorgeous and apt for your significant other. And yes, it won’t burn a hole in your pocket!


His/Her Style

I can say that this is the most important thing to be considered when buying a jewelry gift for your SO for a couple of reasons.


Knowing your partner’s style means you pay attention to him/her. This means you care about what he/she wants and most importantly you know your SO’s personality. The jewelry you will buy for your SO will definitely reflect how much you know him/her as a person.


Is she a person who loves this or that color? Does he like to wear a bracelet at all? Does my partner long to have a locket necklace to put our photo in? Knowing the answers to such questions will prove that you truly care.


The next reason why it’s important to know his/her style is to make sure that your SO will indeed like and love the gift you give and actually wear the jewelry.


Bottom line is, don’t just buy any jewelry just because you think it will fit him/her or that you think the piece will go well with him/her. Instead, see deeply if the jewelry you will purchase matches his/her personality. I tell you, your partner will greatly appreciate the thoughtfulness you put into selecting your gift for Valentine’s day.


The Type of Relationship

Believe it or not, the type of jewelry you’ll purchase for your SO shall be at par with the type of relationship you have.


For instance: You wouldn’t want your new girlfriend of 1 month to get the idea that you are proposing for marriage on Valentine’s day, right? So giving her a diamond ring may not be the best idea for this occasion (well, unless you are ready to take your relationship to a whole new level, then that’s a different story).


Like what I have mentioned in an earlier post, there are different types of jewelry that you would want to give your significant other depending on the stage of relationship you have for now. This is important especially for those who do not want to give a different message that may cause misunderstanding between you two lovebirds.


Gift Ideas for Him and Her

When selecting the jewelry piece to give your SO, you should not just buy the first heart-shaped pendant or ring you see. Again, always put careful thought on the piece you select for him/her. Base your choice from his/her unique qualities, from your experiences together, and other special memories the two of you hold.


Heart, heart, and heart

Hearts are the obvious symbol of love and Valentine’s day. Giving your partner heart-shaped jewelry will remind him/her that the gift is especially chosen for this special day.


If your partner loves classy and sparkly designs, then a heart-shaped pendant or ring with jewel details can be your best choice.

This super gorgeous rose gold heart-shaped diamond earrings from Lavari Jewelers will definitely sweep her off her feet!
You may pair the earrings with this lovely rose gold necklace with diamond heart outline pendant also from Lavari Jewelers.

Lovely colors, colors of love

When we think of Valentine’s day, we often see the color red (and all colors close to it). Red gemstones such as rubies are very much in during this celebration.

This bold heart-shaped birthstone and diamond sterling silver pendant very much screams “Happy Valentine’s Day, love!”

But, it doesn’t always have to be color red. It will also be a good idea to give a heart-shaped pendant in the color of her own birthstone. That would be more personal and intimate and I’m sure your SO will appreciate it!

Beautiful sterling silver heart bracelet with diamond accent available in Lavari Jewelers Valentine’s Collection

Memories into jewelry

Both of you hold significant memories for each other. These can be the fondest ones you had during a trip or that advocacy you both share regarding the environment. Whatever special memories you both have, you can translate them into jewelry pieces.


Imagine your SO handing you something so unique as a jewelry that holds a very special meaning to the both of you. How sweet, right?

Loved that time when you went to a cruise ship together for weeks? Give your SO this stainless steel anchor pendant necklace to remind him/her of those memories.
Remember that time you explored the churches in Europe and got fascinated by the different designs of interiors, particularly the crosses? This stainless steel cubic zirconium cross pendant, with blue and black ion plating is going to remind him/her of that trip!

You both love the environment and you spend a lot of time educating the public about how to minimize their waste to save Mother Nature. Give your SO this sterling silver cubic zirconium tree of life pendant necklace so he/she will always remember the principles you both share.

Once you have selected the perfect jewelry for your partner, it will be a nice touch to include something even more personal and special in your jewelry gift. Perhaps a card or a very personalized letter will add more sweetness and thoughtfulness to the present.

You can also always include other gift items aside from jewelry. You can even add more items based on the number of Valentine’s Days you have both shared with each other.

For instance, it’s your third year together celebrating this event so give him/her 3 pieces of jewelry (a set of earrings, necklace, and bracelet for instance) or maybe add other gifts that are very significant to your relationship. For example, together with the heart-shaped ring your purchased you may also include a really nice purse and a pair of shoes since your SO loves to collect these items.

These additional gestures will not only surprise him/her of the number of items you give but these will also show that you have really put an amount of time pondering about the kinds of stuff he/she loves to have or collect.

It will also be quite fun to present the gift in a creative way. You may get some ideas from my previous post Unique Ways to Present Jewelry Gifts for Your SO.

Lavari Jewelers Valentine’s Collection

Let your loved ones know how much you love and care about them this Valentine’s Day and let Lavari Jewelers help you with that! Check out our Valentine’s Day Collection and our other jewelry pieces that your SO will surely love.

Our jewelry will surely capture your loved one’s style and personality. We’re so excited for you to try and show your story through your style using our beautiful collection.

Love always,

Lavari Jewelers

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