Do I Need To Give My Parents Valentine’s Day Gifts?

You don’t always need a lover to celebrate Valentine’s Day. It’s going to be extra special and fun when you go on gift shopping for your parents! And what better present to give your lovely folks than those precious jewelry pieces. Treat your parents this Valentine’s Day! Besides, they’re officially your first loves, anyway.

It’s that time of the year where lovers are seen everywhere, hand in hand, gleefully and sweetly smiling at each other. Some might say that Valentine’s Day, being tagged as a romantic holiday, is a celebration specifically for lovers. But that’s not quite true. You can also enjoy this special day with your loved ones especially if you’re not in a romantic relationship. And who else can you treat so lovingly on Valentine’s Day other than your Mom and Dad!

You don’t always need a lover to celebrate Valentine’s Day. It’s going to be extra special and fun when you go on gift shopping for your parents! And what better present to give your lovely folks than those precious jewelry pieces. Treat your parents this Valentine’s Day! Besides, they’re officially your first loves, anyway.

So, yes, it will definitely be a sweet thing to give your parents Valentine’s Day gifts. Don’t panic; We’re here to help you find the best jewelry for the both of them. We will also give you a tip or two about how to make your presents extra special by giving more effort into these gifts.

  • Valentine gift ideas for Mom
  • Valentine gifts you can give Dad
  • How to package jewelry presents for your parents
  • Sweet gestures to do for your folks
  • Lavari Jewelers Valentine’s Day gifts for your parents

Valentine’s day is not at all exclusive for lovers. Its history and origins, dating wayback 200 AD, reveals that Valentine’s Day is about selfless love. Through the years, its meaning has evolved from martyrdom to courtly love and romantic love. But hey, it’s about love in general, after all.

Valentine gifts you can get for Mom

It’s quite easy to look for jewelry pieces for your Mom. It will also be a breeze finding a perfect gift especially if you know her personality and unique quirks well. So here are some of the nice jewelry pieces you can purchase for your lovely mother.



Giving your mom a necklace this season tells her that you always keep her in your heart, and vice versa. Necklaces are good symbols for love as they are usually worn resting on top of the chest, thus the heart.

Get this stunning heart-shaped birthstone and diamond sterling silver pendant from the Lavari Jewelers

You may opt to give your mother a necklace that holds her birthstone to make the gift more personal. You can also give her one with your birthstone to always remind her of you. Check out our previous article on birthstones to know more about the meanings of each stone. You can actually choose one that is neither your mom or your stone, but if you know that your mom loves a certain design then you can purchase any stone for her.


Another elegant necklace to give mom are pearls.

Get mom this gorgeous pearl necklace from Lavari Jewelers
Or this nice and cute pearl necklace and earrings set to surprise Mom.

Always make sure that you know what your mom loves about necklaces, as well as her design or color preferences, and other intricacies that go along with it. Your goal is to surprise your mom and that she wears the necklace all the time.


To ensure that you buy the perfect fit for Mom, check out our write-up on how to determine the chain length of necklace.


A Pair of Earrings

Another classic jewelry piece to give your mom is a pair of earrings. This jewelry will surely add personality to your mom’s look and will give her a gorgeous style whenever she goes out. For this Valentine’s day, give her earring sets that will always remind her that you gave her this gift on that lovely occasion.

Sparkly sterling silver cubic zirconia dangling heart earrings will melt Mom’s heart

Giving your mom earrings are also practical because they can wear them even on casual occasions or even when simply going to the grocery store. Earrings drastically boost a simple look. This is also a good gift idea especially to give to moms who prefer to receive simple and small gifts during special occasions (shoutout to my mom). Earrings are not bulky and are very easy to wrap in a package.


Valentine’s day gift ideas for Dad

I suppose a lot of dads out there are not used to receiving Valentine’s day gifts, as they are usually the ones trying to buy that perfect present for you mom. Wouldn’t it be so nice and exciting to surprise him on the 14th instead?


You may be surprised to know that there is a number of jewelry gift ideas that you can actually choose from to give your dad. You may not realize it but dads can be as sentimental as our moms, too.



Does your dad like simple designs or more detailed ones? Does he like bright, pastel, or striking colors? First thing to do is to know what style your dad likes. Find out what style will be best for his personality. Making sure you know these details will ensure that he will definitely wear the jewelry at all times (or more frequently).


Bracelets could be one of the most common jewelry gifts to dads (or to masculine individuals for that matter). Getting your dad a bracelet may symbolize that you want him to be reminded of that special Valentine’s day when you remembered to do something special for him, too.

Check out this really cool tiger eye beads bracelet from Lavari Jewelers

You may opt to give your dad a funky bracelet just like this tiger eye beads piece which has quite interesting details. Tiger eye beads or stones symbolize harmony and balance. These stones are known to be powerful ones that enables the wearer to release fear and anxiety. At the same time, it stimulates the wearer to take action and have a good discernment, helping that person to become more decisive. I bet your dad will love this piece!

Other bracelet styles you can give your dad are the simple ones. It can be that bracelet with just a single design or charm, or it can also be that one simple chain or leather.

Surprise your dad with this beautiful foxtail chain bracelet. If you know your dad loves simple yet uber elegant designs then this is the best choice for you.
This stainless steel foxtail ID bracelet is a fresh design from Lavari Jewelers that is best to give your dad if he likes a more elaborate design and still keeps that single color tone to match all of his outfit designs.
Give your dad this brown leather bracelet with wood accent if he’s the adventurous type and loves to go on travels or going on a nature trip. This design will match his personality quite well, I’m sure!


Who says you can only give moms pretty necklaces for Valentine’s day? Of course you can give your dad a handsome-looking necklace, too!


It can range from chains only to ones with pendants as well. Make sure that the pendant you choose has high significance for your dad. Always remember that the goal is to surprise your parents and to make sure that they always wear your jewelry gifts!

Simple but will definitely make an impact on dad’s style. Franco chain necklace in stainless steel from Lavari Jewelers
Blue ion plating stainless steel curb chain necklace that dad can definitely wear for a long time
Dad loves sailing or going on cruises with mom? Get him this stainless steel anchor pendant he can wear with every outfit he has.

Creative ways to present your gifts

There are a lot of unique ways to present jewelry gifts, especially for Valentine’s day. As for your jewelry presents for your parents, you may want to adopt these simple, creative ways this 14th of February.


Put the gifts on their dinner table

Set up a Valentine’s day dinner for them and put the gifts on their dinner table. Surprise them with this and I’m sure they won’t forget this Valentine’s day ever. Surprise dinner plus surprise jewelry gifts? What a treat!


Surprise package delivery

Pretend to be a delivery staff and knock/ring them on the front door. Imagine how surprised your mom and dad will be when they realize it’s their son/daughter who is right in front of them delivering these lovely gifts! Real life cupid, I must say.


Send with flowers

Just like acting as a delivery staff, you may add some flowers along with the package. Pretend being a florist and hand them the gifts. How adorable!


More sweet gestures to do for Mom and Dad

Along with the jewelry gifts you have prepared for your folks, there are actually a lot of other sweet ideas you can do for them this Valentine’s day.


Stage a surprise Valentine’s dinner for the both of them

While mom and dad are out for the day, prepare a sumptuous dinner for them. Set up a lovely Valentine’s dinner buffet with their favorite dishes. This is also your chance to lay down your jewelry gifts on their dinner table (as I mentioned earlier). Watch them be surprised as they walk to their dining table and see the candle lit dinner you’ve set for them. Aww.


Include gift cards

You can also purchase gift cards and include them in your jewelry gifts for mom and dad. These gift cards could be from their favorite shops or restaurants, or even their go-to spa. Another awesome additional gift would be a surprise travel or cruise for them. Our mom and dad deserve a lot of pampering, anyways!


Lavari Jewelers Valentine’s Day gifts for Mom and Dad

Go ahead and check out our jewelry collections. I’m sure you’ll find the perfect piece for your mom and dad for Valentine’s day.


Valentine’s day is a special one that we should celebrate with the ones we love. It’s a day where we must express how we love them through words and most especially through actions. Make every day feel like Valentine’s day by giving your mom and dad jewelry pieces that they can wear and celebrate every single day.

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