A No-Stress Guide To Buying Easter Jewelry Gifts

The sentiment of gifting at Easter stays with us as adults as we pass it on and pay it forward to the next generation. Giving a gift to someone who makes your life brighter is a great way to capture this spirit and show your appreciation – especially the women who share the holiday with you and make it special. 

Easter is a time for celebrating peace and hope. It honors renewal and life, and if you grew up celebrating Easter it is probably a joyful time of year that brings back good memories. Gathering with family and friends may be part of your annual tradition.

Like Christmas, Easter has its own spirit of giving inspired by the Christian stories of Jesus’ resurrection. Remember getting your Easter basket as a child and looking for eggs in the yard?

The sentiment of gifting at Easter stays with us as adults as we pass it on and pay it forward to the next generation. Giving a gift to someone who makes your life brighter is a great way to capture this spirit and show your appreciation – especially the women who share the holiday with you and make it special. 

Jewelry is a no-fail option for capturing how much this special woman in your life means to you, be it your mother, sister, girlfriend or wife. Of course, you want to get her something that matches her tastes and captures her personality. 

There’s a special sentiment to an Easter jewelry gift that represents the themes of life and renewal that embody spring and her own unique inner beauty. Regardless of whether you’re religious or celebrate the holiday in a secular way, this holiday, like any other, is an ideal time for gift giving.

You may be wondering where to start, as jewelry comes in so many shapes, colors and styles. Good news! You don’t have to wonder any longer. Our guide to buying the perfect Easter jewelry gift will give you plenty of food for thought without overwhelming you – and leave room for Cadbury eggs to spare.

A Thoughtful Gift is in the Details

As it turns out, there are many jewelry fashions that fit the Easter theme. At the same time, pieces fitting for an Easter gift can be evergreen, staying fashionable and timely no matter what season we’re in. This guide will steer you in the right direction toward something that captures the season of spring as much as it says “I love you.”

We’ll look at both the symbols of Easter and the colors that embody the holiday. Some of the common symbols of Easter are eggs, butterflies, crosses, and flowers. This article goes into each of these in more detail to show you the special meaning behind them. Easter is also a beautiful time of year to give a gift that expresses your love. We’ll give you several ideas of how to go about this.

You might also be wondering what gemstones would fit well with an Easter jewelry gift. As you know, Easter colors tend to be white and pastels – like what you see in the stores – but there are other colors that represent different aspects of Easter. 

Gemstones in red, green, and royal purple have a significance in the Christian tradition. The range of possibilities for giving her a piece of jewelry, hand-picked with thought and care, will inspire you!

Eggs and Circular Shapes

One of the more obvious symbols for Easter that you may have even thought of yourself is the egg. It’s prolific in our modern culture as part of the Easter bunny lore, but it has been a symbol of fertility, life, and rebirth for centuries. Such a gesture is perfect for your mother, the mother of your children, or any other mother in your life.

Did you know?

  • The tradition of egg dying dates back to the 13th century. People colored them a deep red as a symbol of the blood of Christ.

  • Some historians think the egg may also symbolize the boulder of Christ’s tomb. Traditional Easter egg rolls may represent the rolling away of the boulder.

There’s no doubt that you know your lady’s taste better than most. If an egg shape isn’t for her, choose a more circular shape over the classic egg for a gift that can be worn year-round. Pearls come in a variety of rounded shapes. A classy pearl necklace and earrings in white or pink can be elegant accent pieces for even a casual outfit.

Symbols of Nature

An obvious choice for Easter is to go with a design that’s inspired by nature. Spring is a time where the beauty of nature is in full force, so why not get her something that matches her own natural beauty? 

Some nature-themed symbols are also tied to Easter traditions. Our recommendations would be:

Butterfly: Prominent on wildflowers and blooming trees in springtime, butterflies are also symbolic of rebirth and resurrection. A caterpillar hides in its cocoon and emerges as a butterfly that takes flight in its new body. Some see this transformation as a mirror of Jesus leaving the tomb and ascending to heaven. We have a gorgeous flower and butterfly nose ring set in 14-karat gold that would be a vibrant and unique addition to her jewelry collection.

Bunny: The first animal most people would think about when they think of Easter is a bunny. They’re cute and bring the promise of Easter basket treats. A little bracelet or pendant with a bunny on it would add some flair to any Easter outfit. And if that’s not enough, animal-inspired jewelry is trending right now, so it can be worn any time of year. 

Lamb: The Bible refers to Jesus as “the Lamb of God,” and lambs are born in spring, so this is a great match for an Easter jewelry gift. We think a charm or pendant with a sweet little lamb would be a fashion-forward move and meaningful, too.

Flowers: Treat her to a floral accompaniment to her spring wardrobe. Most women love flowers – whether getting them in a bouquet or admiring them in their natural state. You might consider a lily, which is a traditional Christian symbol of Easter, or any other flower you think she would enjoy. Our sterling silver and cubic zirconia flower pendant is worthy for wear at church, Sunday brunch, or a celebratory night out.


Classic and Unique Crosses

For the woman who holds her faith close to her heart, a gift of a cross necklace that speaks to her personal tastes will be cherished throughout the years. There are many designs for cross jewelry, both in traditional and eclectic designs. 

Perhaps she would love a simple, small gold cross with engraved accents; or maybe she’s the type who would favor a larger piece that stands out in a crowd. Here are some ideas to consider:

  • Sideways or off-center crosses are a twist on the classic form of a cross necklace. It carries the same important meaning but with a different representation that will catch attention.

  • A cross pendant that includes gemstones will add some sparkle to her look. Consider a piece that has one large gemstone in the center or several smaller gemstones dotting the horizontal and vertical lines of the cross – or maybe both!

  • Also consider the type of chain that would go best with the size and style of the cross. Cable, box, and snake chains are some of the more popular options and tend to work well with most pendants.

Tokens of Love

Never underestimate the value of a simple but meaningful expression of your affection through a stunning piece of jewelry. What better way to say “I love you” than with a heart-shaped necklace or pair of earrings? 

It doesn’t matter if your jewelry doesn’t exactly say “Easter.” In our experience, anytime is a good time to give the gift of jewelry, and a holiday is the perfect occasion to do it with heart.

  • Consider a piece that contains multiple hearts to symbolize your love or your family. Hearts that are interlocked or positioned side by side represent the feeling of unity and harmony.

  • Heart shapes with stylized patterns and small gemstone accents are eye-catching and expressive. Get her something dynamic to show off her multi-faceted personality. In stock right now we have a heart-shaped pendant in pink gold that is wrapped in an infinity symbol at the top, expressing the sentiment of eternal love. Something like this that isn’t your every piece of jewelry will earn her compliments from friends and family.

  • A heart with her birthstone color is sure to win her over. It’s not only unique to her as a person but is also a thoughtful gesture in celebration of who she is.

Gemstone and Color Selection

It’s not only important to consider the style and design of the jewelry you want to buy for that special woman in your life. The gemstone type and color plays an important role in the look of the piece, too. 

Whether you choose a piece with colored gemstone, enamel, or other material, the color you select depends on her personal preference. We have some suggestions based on colors that are popular for the Easter holiday and spring season.

  • Pastels: The colors you see on Easter eggs, candies, and goodies are also popular for jewelry. It’s no wonder that they’re so prolific this time of year, as they reflect the colors of spring flowers as well. Blooms are bursting out of their buds at the same time that the resurrection is celebrated, so these colors are fitting to wear all throughout this season of new life. Some pastel colored gemstones include pink sapphire, aquamarine, and peridot.

  • Ruby and Emerald: It may surprise you that these darker colors are associated with Easter. They have a specific meaning to this time of year as well as a deeper meaning in Christianity in general. Red represents the blood of the sacrifice, while green represents resurrection and eternal life. You could opt for the genuine ruby or emerald gemstone or choose another stone that comes in these colors. Cubic zirconia is an affordable option that comes in just about every color imaginable.

  • Purple and Violet: Purple and violet are not just associated with spring but are also prominent during Lent, the season preceding Easter. These colors represent royalty and power as well as penance and humility. Amethyst is the most popular choice for a purple gemstone – like the amethyst version of our beautiful Claddagh ring.

Silver or Gold?

Different skin tones are often said to complement and look best with certain metals. However, that doesn’t mean that the woman you’re shopping for wouldn’t look good in either. Truth be told, it’s most important to consider what she likes. Does she usually wear more silver or gold? Which does she talk about more often? Modern fashion has bent the rules about wearing silver and gold together, so you don’t necessarily have to limit yourself to just one or the other. Look at the whole package – style, gemstones, color, design, size – to determine the best look. When in doubt, ask her girlfriends!

Now You’re Ready to Shop–But Don’t Wait Too Long

By now you probably have several ideas floating in your head about what types of jewelry the woman you’re buying for would love. Depending on whether you want to get a gift for your mother, wife, girlfriend, or daughter – or more than one of them – you’ve considered our recommendations and put some possibilities to work. 

A piece of jewelry with Easter and spring symbols and colors will make this season extra special for her. Now, it’s time to work toward making a decision and look through some choices that match your vision.

There are only a couple of weeks left until Easter, so don’t wait any longer to find the jewelry piece that will make her Sunday. What we’ve learned is that other than birthdays and anniversaries, holidays are the best times for gift-giving because they’re the most memorable occasions to receive a token of appreciation. 

Our fast and free shipping has you covered to get your gift in time – and we have free priority shipping on orders $50 or more within the U.S. With a thoughtful and affordable Easter jewelry gift, you’ll be remembered as the best Easter bunny ever. Hoppy shopping!


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