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Spring Trends For 2019 Are Blossoming – Here’s What You Need To Know

Of course you want to be fashion-forward and keep up with the latest trends. The ever-changing carousel of jewelry styles is as exciting as it is satisfying. At the same time, isn’t it freeing to be a little bit yourself and wear something out of the ordinary, that no one else would have?

Spring is in full force and the jewelry trends for 2019 have dropped. Figuring out how to embrace the trends of any season can be a little unpredictable. As Forrest Gump would say: “You never know what you’re going to get.”

Even if you kept up with the spring and summer runways, those options aren’t always the most affordable or practical. The goal is to participate in that fashion game without breaking the bank, and acquire some pieces that will last you for seasons to come.

Of course you want to be fashion-forward and keep up with the latest trends. The ever-changing carousel of jewelry styles is as exciting as it is satisfying. At the same time, isn’t it freeing to be a little bit yourself and wear something out of the ordinary, that no one else would have?

This season you can get the best of both worlds: you can stretch your usual fashion choices, show off your own tastes, and come out on top as a cutting-edge fashionista. The theme of this spring is dynamic style with a tendency toward risk-taking and no-holds-barred self-expression.

Perhaps you’ve been waiting for this opportunity. Last spring was more about dainty and delicate pieces that are suitable for everyday wear. Right now, it’s all about statements pieces that pop – like thick, layered necklaces and hoop earrings bigger than your ears.

Even if your personal style is more of a subdued nature, you’ll find that the trending items this year offer a range of exciting and beautiful choices that can work with whatever is in your closet. You’ll still be able to find pieces that speak to your personal style and can blend in with the crowd – but you’ll also find some that shout out loud for those times when you want to get noticed.

Delicious, Dripping Crystals

If you’ve ever been inside a cave and seen natural crystals sparkling on the walls, it’s a stunning and unexpected sight. The first trend we’re going to discuss is kind of like that.

Crystal jewelry, like chandelier earrings and classy gem-studded chokers, is typically the kind of accessory you’d expect to find at a fancy occasion. Not so much this season: crystals are forming everywhere you turn, and it could be a casual or upscale affair.

There’s something deliciously decadent about a crystal-encrusted bracelet or one big chunky crystal on your ring finger. This bling has been casting its shine over spring fashions thanks to luxury women’s designer Alessandra Rich’s trendsetting posts and Ariana Grande’s crystal-clad look in her video for “7 Rings.”

Maybe it has something to do with the fact that crystals are trending right now in general. Healing crystals are particularly gaining traction as an alternative medicine practice for bringing in good vibes and good health. Whether they actually affect your physical well-being or just have a powerful placebo effect, we don’t doubt that wearing some yummy crystal pieces will keep you feeling good even through the worst of the spring pollen

Pearls Just Wanna Have Fun

Let the world be your oyster. Look around and you’ll discover that it’s filled with pearls. We’re not just talking the classic white pearl; they’ll be found in a rainbow of colors to delight eclectic palettes this season.

These aren’t your grandmother’s pearls. This year, designers are featuring every size and shape imaginable. From small pearls stacked together in a hoop for a variety of earring styles, to bangles featuring one large pearl with a breathtaking natural texture, leaders in fashion have envisioned entirely new ways to wear them.

I Heart the 80s

There’s something charmingly naive yet brazenly outspoken about the 80s – between the whitewashed jeans, neon colors and giant hair, no one ever stopped to question whether any of it was a good idea. Fashion just happened and it had no notion of self-consciousness.

Compared to today, where everything seems much more carefully thought out, the 80s were an explosion of raw ideas that have become iconic. There’s something liberating about that, and you can capture that devil-may-care sentiment with some big heart earrings, the next trend we want to point out.

Oversized heart earrings were all over the spring runways and have been looking fabulous on Instagram, no filter needed. Whether bejeweled, metallic, or enamel, we love everything about these earrings.


Hearts have always been a welcome symbol that express a love for life and there is a playful and fun-loving nature to chunky jewelry that we think should be embraced when it’s in fashion. If you wear your heart on your sleeve, try wearing it on your ears this spring.

Seashells by the Seashore

Listen closely. Can you hear the ocean? If you wear seashell earrings like other fashion-forward women this year, then you’ll feel as close to the sea as if you were actually there. Some aspects of fashion are going back to nature this spring, and that includes all things underwater.

Although seashells might seem like more of a summer item, don’t forget that spring break is usually in March or April and many people are already thinking about their beach bodies this time of year. Simply stated, why wait to feel like it’s summer when you can have it now?

Chunky Enamel to Die For

On the other end of the fashion trend spectrum, far from natural but enticing like candy, is hard colored enamel. Apparently, enamel jewelry was all over Milan Fashion Week and word caught on quickly, as actresses and other celebs took to the trend on cue. Of particular note on the runway were floral-patterned pieces with intricate detailing and timeless designs.

It seems like flowers always make a comeback in spring fashion, so these pieces will likely be relevant every year. Bracelets and cuffs of different widths will be particularly on point.

Enameling comes in a lot of different styles, from the well-known guilloché technique popularized by Fabergé to plique à jour (which means “letting in light” in French) which was popular during the Art Nouveau period. Detailed enamel designs are reminiscent of the Fabergé egg, which in turn conjure up thought of Easter. If you’re looking for other ideas for Easter jewelry gifts, we have a blog post all about that – so hop on over to our handy guide.

Bonus tip: We’ve also seen some resin and glass pieces on the runway, which make a nice alternative to enamel. You can also wear them in tandem, as all of these solid and shiny materials pair nicely together.

While detailed patterns are always a delight, sometimes a simple, solid color, either complementary or contrasting, can really juice up an ensemble. We have a solid-color stainless steel locket pendant with enamel available now in either green, red, or white.


This is a statement piece that’s subtle yet effective and provides a simple way to show up for the enamel trend. It can change your look in a big way with some color blocking coordination or match perfectly if you choose clothes with similar colors.  

Stay Gold

Glamour magazine spotted that yellow will be the trendiest color this spring, and you can expect that to carry over into all accessories, including jewelry. Pantone has declared Aspen Gold, a marigold-like yellow, as one of the season’s choice colors for anything wearable.

The fashion runways said the same thing, featuring many of the other trends discussed in this post set in gold or gold-toned metal. This spring is all about being bright and flashy, and like animals coming out of hibernation, being seen and noticed.

Along with the emphasis on gold comes a few related trends that you can bank on:

  • Chains: Big, long chains are not just for rap stars anymore. If tiny runway models can pull this off, then so can you. Layering chains is also on trend and makes a strong enough statement to not really need any other jewelry to go with it. If we were to pick something to complement this look, we’d say one big ring and some large round earrings in gold would balance it out nicely. Several examples of this trend can be seen in footage of models for fashion designer Monse at New York Fashion Week.
  • Coins: If you have any spare change, treat yourself to a necklace or some earrings featuring some jingling coins. You’ll find them in all manner of currency, from ancient to modern. This look draws on history for inspiration, as coins have changed throughout the ages and are a collector’s item to boot. There’s no question that you should start your collection ASAP. The only thing you need to answer is, “Heads or tails?”
  • Rose gold: Since Pantone’s “Color of the Year” is Living Coral, it should come as no surprise that rose gold will also be a popular metal this season. It seems to crop up every other year or so during spring due to its warm tone and close relation to the pastels that are featured during the Easter holiday.

You can look through our gold collection for ideas on how to match these metals to your wardrobe. Our 10K yellow gold and black onyx necklace will really stand out (plus, onyx is a fantastic pairing for enamel, too.) Rose gold looks stunning with a pink-toned gemstone. We have several numbers paired with a striking pink amethyst and diamond accent, like this necklace and these earrings in 10K rose gold.

Celestial Bodies: The Moon, Sun, and Stars

When the evening temps start to warm up, a pleasant after-dark activity is taking a look up into the sky and seeing how many stars have come out. Perhaps it was the better weather that comes with thawing of winter, or maybe spring just makes us starry-eyed. However it happened, the trendsetters have set their sights on the sun, moon, and stars as the focus of this season’s jewelry lineup.

There are so many interesting ways this trend can go. As you know by now, spring 2019 has a focus on big pieces that pop. So, think about this: celestial bodies come in many different forms.

From Earth, they might look small, but up close they’re massive – some more than others. When was the last time you considered the relative size of Earth to the Sun? A fun way to play on this idea is to combine sky-inspired pieces of different sizes and shapes. Call upon the heavens to guide you.

Not sure where to start in your search for interstellar jewelry? We have several pieces in our collection for you to consider as you stargaze at the options.

All eyes will turn toward you when you’re adorned with our starburst pendant necklace in sterling silver and cubic zirconia. Wearing a standout piece like this will make your fashion forecast look bright.

Below the Belt: Sweet and Sassy Anklets

When the sandals come out, so does the ankle jewelry. Possibly one of the most underrated pieces of jewelry, anklets are subtle and sporty and yet somehow look sophisticated when worn right. They’re the perfect piece to dress up an otherwise casual outfit with pedal pushers or clamdigger pants, or add some bling to a flowy dress or skirt.

An anklet will draw attention to your feet, so be sure to wear one of your favorite new shoe selections to show them off. You might want to check out these spring 2019 shoe trendsto see what your options are!

Anklets are also a great opportunity to include some flair – charm bracelets are back now, so charm anklets are the logical next step. Some of the choice options for charms this spring include:

  • Shells and other ocean-inspired shapes, like fish, dolphins, and starfish
  • Animal themes, especially images of powerful animals, like lions, wolves, and snakes
  • Coins, as we mentioned before, but also dollar signs, shoes and fashion-related imagery

While we’re on the topic of charms and jewelry below the waist, another thing to know is that charms are showing up attached to belts now. Belts are also falling in line with the chain-link trend, and models and celebrities have been seen attaching charms large enough for a belt onto their chained, waistline accessories. Who would have thought?

Bonus tip: As long as you’re sporting open-toed shoes and rocking jewelry on your feet, why not also dazzle up your toes with a toe ring (or two?) These might seem like an outdated accessory that is best left in the 2000s, but trends move so quickly now that they’re basically vintage – and that means they’re fair game. The spring 2019 fashion runway featured several cute anklets and toe rings, reviving the turn of the century look on models for Stella McCartney, Chloé, and others.

Longer Days Call for Long Drop Earrings

Once Daylight Savings Time rolls around, there’s more light to be had and more time to get out of the day. Meanwhile, earrings are also getting longer this spring fashion season. The elegance and femininity of drop earrings go all the way back to ancient times (as do the hoop earrings we’ll be talking about next – spoiler alert!)

They can accentuate everything from a jeans-and-t-shirt look to a ball gown. And there’s something satisfying – maybe even empowering – about feeling them float through the air and grace your neck as you turn your head.

Drop earrings come in a variety of lengths and looks, from the tassels of 1920s flappers, to the Art Deco of the 30s and 40s, to the costume jewelry of the 60s, to the bold styles of the 80s. Every decade that you can think of has featured drop earrings in some way. There’s no limit to where you can draw inspiration. As far as what will be most popular, due to the trend of enamel right now, the Art Deco look is in as well as the large block styles of the 80s.

Aligning with the simultaneous crystal trend, our sterling silver cubic zirconia drop earrings will keep you looking your best and feeling stylish. Dainty gems line the length of the earrings like flowers on a vine and one large stone weights the bottom.

Heavy Hoops to Round Things Out

At last, we’ve come to our final trend for spring 2019 jewelry fashion, which is the hoop earring. We’re not talking just any hoop – not the simple, plain gold or silver hoops that most women have (an essential, no doubt). This season, accented and decorated hoops that are larger than life have made their way onto the catwalk.

Take note from Christian Dior’s slanted take on the usual thick gold hoop, or the crescent hoops from Valentino. Unique angles and orientations for the usual hoop style are welcome!

If you’re not that into really big, out-of-the-box twists on a classic, then you can find some middle ground in a larger-than-usual, but not too large, take on the trend. For example, the stainless steel twisted hoop earrings featured at Lavari right now is on point with what but maybe not quite as dramatic as what you’d see on the models of the runway. Dare to try something new!

Go Big or Go Home, No Matter Your Style

There’s nothing subtle about the trends we’ve seen on the runway for spring. That doesn’t mean that you can’t be part of the fashion crowd if you’re not into flashy statement pieces. You can actually make a big statement with more dainty selections – like a small anklet with charms on it or a modest pair of crystal drop earrings.

There are some truly unique styles on offer this season and they can refresh your jewelry box without straying from your comfort zone. We get that you need to stay true to your personal style and we’re rooting for you to try out some of these fashions in your own way.

Meanwhile, for those brave ladies who want to call attention to what they choose to wear, the bigger, the better is the mantra to remember. The fashion cycles don’t always align with the desire to wear large statement pieces. Last spring is a testament to that, when it was more about everyday items you can wear in any context no matter if you’re at work or out with friends.

Right now, the fashion gods are giving you permission to splurge on big, expressive items that give off an alpha-female vibe and solidify your role as a singular woman. Now is the time to show the world that there’s no one else quite like you.

Take Time to Smell the Roses, But Don’t Take Too Long to Pick Them

Spring has already arrived, which means if you haven’t already started on your quest to meet the fashion challenge of the day, now is the time! There’s something about springtime that injects a boost of energy and enthusiasm into life.

There is so much to see and take in as flowers bloom and creatures come out of hibernation, and at the same time there’s a leisurely aspect that makes you want to stop and smell the roses. We think this jewelry season has so much to offer that you should make the time to take it all in before you decide what to buy. Don’t wait too long, though, because you don’t want to miss out on your top choice of fashion.

Treat yourself to some jewelry soon – whether it’s a big enamel bracelet, a delicious crystalline necklace, or a swanky, swinging chain belt. With such a wide range of big statement pieces and artistic takes on natural looks, it could be difficult to choose just a few things!

But you’re going to love this: April is one of the best times of year to buy jewelry, according to the financial advice website Finder. The reason for this is that there are no major holidays in the month of April.

So if you get on top of it now, you are likely to catch some of the season’s hottest trends at some of the lowest prices. You can always reference this guide when you go shopping to stay on track. Good luck and keep on being fabulous!

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