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Father's Day Jewelry

So you’re probably wondering what many come June – what can I get Dad that he’ll love and doesn’t already have? You’re in luck – we have a remedy that we think will solve your Father’s Day woes and liven up the usual liquor, slippers and fishing rod fare.

If you’ve ever found yourself wandering sporting goods stores or the men’s section of department stores at the last minute, you’re not alone. A lot of people end up shopping for dad at the last minute for the mere fact that they’re waiting for a clue that almost never comes. Why is shopping for Dad so hard?

Dads can be pretty silent about what they want for Father’s Day. They don’t always want a lot of things, or the things they want they’ve already received on a previous Father’s Day. Dads don’t typically do a lot of shopping themselves, so when it comes to thinking about gifts they might want, they don’t get out very much.

So you’re probably wondering what many come June – what can I get Dad that he’ll love and doesn’t already have? You’re in luck – we have a remedy that we think will solve your Father’s Day woes and liven up the usual liquor, slippers and fishing rod fare.


Jewelry isn’t just for moms – men can appreciate a fashionable necklace or ring as well. If you’re concerned that jewelry isn’t “in” for men right now, look no further than the Royal Family for convincing. Prince Harry was seen showing off his 2-day old son sporting a subtle yet dapper gold bracelet. The inclusion of this piece was really what made his look (other than standing next to his lovely wife, Meghan Markle.)


Don’t despair or agonize over what type of jewelry to look for – we’ll walk you through the process and even show you some examples to consider. This year, you won’t have to scramble at the last minute to get something well thought but forgettable. A piece of men’s fashion jewelry will be something he can treasure for years to come that will make him stand out in a crowd.

Tips for Buying Jewelry for Dad

While most women wear jewelry, most men don’t (save for their wedding ring and maybe a nice watch.) That means that the man who wears jewelry is going to stand out in a crowd. It will likely be the first thing people compliment when they see his whole look. It shines and it’s not what other men are sporting.

Leather is another popular material for men’s bracelets. It gives a natural look and can be worn anytime – whether casually for a night out, doing something outdoorsy, or at work. Both black and brown leather, or a combination of shades, can be found in our collection. We even have some that are adorned with skull beads and hooks for a goth or tribal look. Solid stainless steel bracelets, like our two strand wheat bracelet, pair nicely with a chain necklace.


Other than a wedding ring, men typically wear other rings on the pinky or pointer finger. Men’s rings are usually simple without too many gemstones, patterns or stylings. A look dad might go for is a thick stainless steel ring with one or two bands wrapped around it.


Men’s rings in colors like steel, black and blue are versatile for everyday wear. The black stainless steel thin blue line ring in our collection keeps pace with current men’s fashion trends. Solid black rings with textured edges can be worn with practically anything. Try a two-toned ring with a gold-roped band in the middle to really impress dad.  

Masculine Pendants

When you think of pendants, women’s jewelry may come to mind – but they’re for men, too! Some men wear pendants visibly while other wear then under their shirt as a personal talisman. Choose a pendant that is subtle and meaningful for your dad to make the gift more personal.

Military and law enforcement dads will love our dog tag pendants which come in black stainless steel with blue accents. This option is both masculine and fashionable, as dog tags never seem to go out of style for men.

If your dad is a Christian, consider buying him a cross pendant as a symbol of his faith. Crosses come in all sorts of designs, like those with diamond accents and textured metal. You can also go for a simple and classic style like our stainless steel cross box chain pendant.

There are plenty of more out-of-the-box pendant ideas that dad would appreciate as a Father’s Day gift. For example, if he’s into fishing or sailing, something like a steel anchor pendant would express his interests and look good with anything from his sporting wardrobe. The fun thing about giving pendants as a gift is that there are so many options. Just be selective to make sure they match dad’s personality and style.

Hoop and Stud Earrings

If your dad is one of those cool dads who have ear piercings, then buying him some new earrings is an easy solution to the Father’s Day gift problem. He might be really picky about the type of earrings that he wears, though, so be careful to pay attention to what his usual styles are – or just ask him!

Both hoops and studs are popular among men who wear earrings. For stud earrings, he might like something with tiny diamonds that show off a little bling but aren’t blinding or overly feminine. An interesting take on hoop earrings is a hexagonal hoop, which evokes a kind of hardware-like look.

A Proper Father’s Day Gift to Make Dad Look Good and Feel Good

Dads have historically gotten the short end of the stick when it comes to Father’s Day celebrations and gifts. According to statistics, more people celebrate Mother’s Day (85 percent) than Father’s Day (77 percent) and they spend more on gifts for their mothers ($186 compared to $135.) However, these trends are changing, as Father’s Day spending looks to increase by 22 percent this year compared to two years ago.

Dads deserve the same treatment moms get, and what better way to even things out than to add jewelry to the list of suitable gifts? A classy ring, earrings, bracelet, or watch can really jazz up your dad’s style. Whether you plan to spend a little or a lot, there are stylish options for every bank account.

You can even get the piece engraved to make it extra special – perhaps with his family name or the names of his children. It will surely be a gift to remember and make him feel truly appreciated. There is a jewelry item out there even for dads with a more conservative sense of style.

If you’re going to buy your dad some jewelry this June, you’ll want to plan ahead. Don’t put off going to the mall or ordering online to the last minute. Buying jewelry requires some thought and consideration – probably more so than women you shop for – about what he would like to wear and where to buy it from.

You can get started by reviewing our recommendations from this article. The products we used as examples are all listed below for your convenience. If you need help deciding, our customer service team can assist you by phone, email or chat. Sign up on our website to get 10 percent off our Father’s Day purchase!


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