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5 Best Ways to Support Police Officers

We introduce our Thin Blue Line jewelry collection, a show of thanks and solidarity for law enforcement officers that supports a great cause. See our top 3 Thin Blue Line jewelry picks that make great gifts for police officers!

  • An estimated 750,000 law enforcement officers put their lives on the line every day to protect the public. Learn why it’s dangerous job for both on- and off-duty brothers and sisters in blue.
  • Discover five easy ways to show your support for police officers and other law enforcement officers.
  • We introduce our Thin Blue Line jewelry collection, a show of thanks and solidarity for law enforcement officers that supports a great cause. See our top 3 Thin Blue Line jewelry picks that make great gifts for police officers!

Protecting the public is no easy job. Imagine leaving your home and family every day, unsure if you’ll ever see them again, in the name of keeping your community safe. This is what an estimated 750,000 men and women do every day as America’s law enforcement officers.

At Lavari Jewelers, we appreciate the selfless dedication of current and retired law enforcement and police officers, veterans, and their families. To show our thanks and solidarity for some of our nation’s finest, we’re proud to announce our new Thin Blue Line jewelry collection.

This special collection supports our brothers and sisters in blue by raising awareness for America’s law enforcement and their families. 5% of all proceeds from Thin Blue Line purchases are donated directly to Humanizing the Badge, a nonprofit forging relationships between law enforcement and the communities they serve around the country.

Explore some of the amazing work Humanizing the Badge is doing and see our top 3 Thin Blue Line gifts for police officers in this blog.

LEOs face life-threatening danger every day, as Humanizing the Badge reminds us in this heart-wrenching video. According to the FBI, more than 100 police officers were killed in the line of duty in 2018

The dangerous and high-stress situations they face on a daily basis contribute to another tragic statistic. Sadly, even more police officers die by suicide every year than in the line of duty. The National Alliance on Mental Health reports an estimated 140 law enforcement suicides in 2017, with one in every four police officers having thoughts of suicide.

This is truly heavy stuff, and that’s why your support is so crucial. By giving LEOs credit where it’s due, you’re showing police officers that they aren’t alone. With funds also going to Humanizing the Badge, you’re ensuring safety in their lives.

Humanizing the Badge’s Project:Human completes community service projects in cities and towns across the country, fostering goodwill between LEOs and their communities. The nonprofit also uses funds for its #CallForBackup program, which provides free, confidential online support for first responders and their family. Just think all this amazing goodness happens because of generous people like you!

5 Ways to Support a LEO

Be Respectful
When you encounter a LEO in any situation, be respectful and polite. Cooperate, be agreeable, and say thank you sincerely when appropriate. Our brothers and sisters in blue are people, too!

Report Crime
Call the police if you see a crime happening in your neighborhood, and call if you recognize someone wanted by the police. Safer communities benefit you, your neighbors, and your first responders.

Encourage Community Support
Fostering trust between residents and law enforcement is better for everyone. Mutual trust keeps people safe. When people and police can interact in positive situations, understanding and respect for one another increases. This prevents needless altercations and saves lives.

Support Nonprofits that Benefit LEOs
Sometimes a LEO needs backup on and off duty, and many nonprofits provide services officers may not otherwise receive. An example is Humanizing the Badge’s #CallforBackup program. It provides free, confidential online support for first responders and their family. There are dozens of great organizations making a difference for first responders across the country. Choose a credible one that resonates with you and give a donation.

Give Credit Where It’s Due
Show public support for law enforcement. Yard signs, bumper stickers, Thin Blue Line jewelry, and even a simple social media post give credit where it’s due. To join our community of people who back the blue, share a photo of yourself wearing your Thin Blue Line jewelry using #lovemylavari and #lavarileo. Tell us how an officer has made a difference in your life and why you proudly wear the Thin Blue Line or why you gave a police officer the gift of Thin Blue Line jewelry.

Wear It Proud

  1. We created our Thin Blue Line collection to mirror our respect for law enforcement. It includes rings, necklaces, and bracelets for every person and every occasion, whether you’re buying for your LEO spouse or yourself. All of our Thin Blue Line pieces:

    • Use high-grade metals
    • Never scratch
    • Never fade
    • Never rust
    • Always feel comfortable
    • Have excellent finishing
    • Look stylish
    • Arrive in a free gift box

    …and most importantly, support an amazing cause!

Top 3 Thin Blue Line Gifts for Police Officers

  1. Men’s Blue Lives Matter Cross Pendant

This thin blue line cross pendant honors law enforcement officers who sacrifice their lives for peace and justice. It’s a versatile pendant perfect for every day of the week, whether he’s heading to work or Sunday church service. Every cross pendant undergoes our rigorous quality checks to ensure durability. 


Looks great worn with:

  • A black shirt, light denim ripped jeans, and sneakers
  • A tropical printed shirt and navy blue board shorts
  • A crisp white button-down shirt, chinos, and loafers
  1. Men’s Black and Blue Bracelet with Cubic Zirconia

This black and thin blue line bracelet incorporates rugged military style with cubic zirconia diamonds for a stunning adornment for his wrist. The thin blue lines show support for law enforcement, and written inside is “Blue Lives Matter,” adding deeper meaning to this handsome bracelet. The fold-over closure and bracelet length are designed for an active man and make a great gift for police officers!

Looks great worn with:

  • A long sleeve shirt, structured pants, and brogues
  • A graphic t-shirt, ripped jeans, and sneakers
  • A printed button-down shirt, black straight-cut pants, and loafers

How do you show your appreciation for LEOs? What’s the most meaningful gift you’ve given a police officer in your life? Let us know in the comments below! We love seeing how our readers give back to our brothers and sisters in blue. Subscribe to our email list to be the first to know about new additions to our Thin Blue Line collection.

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