Our Story

You just can’t recreate the instant feelings of excitement, appreciation and the way your special someone adores you after receiving the perfect gift.  From the warm smile to the fondness in their eyes, the remarkable feeling of making their day, week, month or even year is invaluable.

Lavari is for lovers and Lavari Jewelers exists to make it possible for everyone to have those unforgettable moments.

Growing up in jewelry, I’ll always remember a time in college when I was able to go directly to our supplier to get the swoon-worthy perfect gift for my special someone.  Not only did I get insider details on why she’d love it, but I also got to bypass the massive jewelry markups, allowing me to afford an irresistible piece. It was truly an impactful feeling.

That’s the feeling everyone should be able to have and now they can.

Lavari makes giving the perfect gift to your special someone effortless and attainable.

We achieve this for you through expert-curated gift recommendations, making it quick and easy to select the perfect piece.  We also pass our savings onto you, shielding you from the agonizing mark-ups, keeping things affordable, making something only available to the few, now to the many; to you.

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