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Snowflake Jewelry For The Season: A Lavari Exclusive

If you’re looking to get into the spirit of the season this winter, you can feel a little merrier this holiday season with some snowflake jewelry from Lavari! When you check out these women’s snowflake jewelry pieces, you’ll agree that there’s no better way to celebrate this winter, whatever your favorite holiday. 

Just like with almost everything about the holiday season, there are tons and tons of ways to incorporate women’s snowflake jewelry into your life with a cute holiday DIY flair. There’s nothing like silver snowflake jewelry to make your Christmas tree ornaments look cuter, so snowflake jewelry for Christmas is fast becoming everyone’s new season obsession. 


Read on for a guide on how you can give yourself a white Christmas–or whatever holiday!–when you make women’s snowflake jewelry into your seasonal signature. You’ll find that our sterling silver snowflake jewelry is perfect for anyone looking to make their holiday season merrier, whether you’re buying for Hanukkah, Christmas, or just that cheery winter chill!


We at Lavari love wearing silver snowflake jewelry just about everywhere, so we’ve put together a list of our favorite ways to wear it during the holiday season. Whether you’re wearing your women’s snowflake jewelry for Christmas or another occasion, these are going to be great ways for you to bring a little flurry of fun into all your seasonal activities!

Ice Skating

What better addition to a fast-paced skating excursion than a pair of snowflake earrings that can bring a mini snowstorm into all your skating routines? One great thing about women’s snowflake jewelry is the way it moves with you! Whether you’re a speed skater or a figure skater, you’re probably going to appreciate the way this silver snowflake jewelry whirls around the rink as you skate. 


Plus, when you take your silver snowflake jewelry out on the rink, all your friends will be able to appreciate your seasonal taste! You might find that once you go out to skate a couple times, your friends have all gotten their own women’s snowflake jewelry. Nothing cuter than everyone matching to make a whole blizzard of snowflake jewelry for the holidays!


A proper skating outing isn’t complete without hot chocolate, so your silver snowflake jewelry will also be admired off the rink. After a day out on the rink most groups of friends enjoy a moment by the fire with a hot beverage before they split up, meaning that women’s snowflake jewelry like this snowflake pendant that normally would have been hidden under your coat will then become visible. Then you can show off how those earrings everyone likes have a matching accessory to go with them!

Making Holiday Food

Bring the seasonal weather inside with you while you make your winter favorites, and enjoy the appeal of a snowflake that doesn’t melt! You’ll find that silver snowflake jewelry remind everyone of the chilly weather outside, even as they’re warming up by eating your Christmas cookies, latkes, or egg nog. A set of women’s snowflake jewelry will really have your loved ones wanting to kiss the cook!


Holiday treat traditions are another reason why it’s great to wear women’s snowflake jewelry for Christmas and other family holidays–donning your festive apparel for get-togethers is all the more delicious when your favorite foods are sweetening the deal! A set of silver snowflake jewelry will offset all the sprinkles on those cookies.


Plus, whether you’re cooking or eating your holiday favorites, you don’t have to worry about your valuable silver snowflake jewelry getting covered in cookie dough or sour cream! A set of snowflake earrings will keep your women’s snowflake jewelry out of the way of any merry treats that could mess up your holiday outfit.


Holiday Shopping

The holiday shopping season might be pretty different this year, but one thing that will stay the same is the feeling of wearing seasonal clothes while getting gifts ready for your loved ones. Even if you’re only shopping online, it’ll be more fun in women’s snowflake jewelry. You can scroll Amazon or your favorite jewelry website while you wear your silver snowflake jewelry, or you can hit the shops safely and recapture the fun of last holiday season. 


Anyone wearing women’s snowflake jewelry for Christmas shopping is going to have all the more fun waiting for Santa to stop by, and you’ll find that Hanukkah and the winter solstice both feel brighter with these sparkly accessories as part of your look. Whether you’re out with friends or on a more distanced shopping trip, you’re probably going to get some compliments from the store clerks at the very least!


And it probably goes without saying, but silver snowflake jewelry makes an amazing gift for the holidays as well. A holiday tradition of giving women’s snowflake jewelry for Christmas could be with your family for years when you make these accessories part of your holidays. Anyone receiving gifts in the wintertime will probably be charmed by the seasonal nod!

Decorating for the Holidays

Like we said, looking forward to the holidays is one of the best parts of the holidays! When you trim your tree or set up your menorah, you can make a set of silver snowflake jewelry one more decoration you’re putting up this year. We all know that the most decorated houses in our neighborhoods are a source of cheer for everyone else, so be that person to brighten up the holidays for everyone with a snowflake pendant. 


It’s especially nice to have holiday clothes around to make your visits to friends another way to decorate for the season. Your silver snowflake jewelry is kind of like the equivalent of string lights or candles, when you think about it. You can take the same cheer from your decorations into your friends’ homes with women’s snowflake jewelry for Christmas, along with any Christmas treats you’re delivering as well.

Watching Holiday Specials

One holiday tradition that we know will be unchanged this season is watching our favorite holiday specials. A pair of snowflake earrings is a great addition to your family movie night, and they’ll look great over Zoom too since everyone will be able to this silver snowflake jewelry shining out of your box on their screen! (Keep a lookout on this blog for a special series on Zoom jewelry, by the way!)


A more casual get-together like a movie night might not seem like the time for silver snowflake jewelry, but these pieces can go with a comfy sweater just as easily as they can with a hot evening look. Especially if you go for the simple snowflake pendant, you can achieve a low key look that still shows everyone how excited you are to wear your snowflake jewelry for Christmas.


Wearing silver snowflake jewelry for Christmas movie screenings is a pretty classic holiday tradition, just like leaving milk and cookies out for Santa. There’s the obvious ones, like Miracle on 34th Street or It’s A Wonderful Life, but we also love the Rugrats Hanukkah special! Since you’re spoiled for choice with this holiday tradition, we’re guessing your women’s snowflake jewelry will see a lot of use.


We know that stopping by your favorite place of worship to sing holiday songs might not happen this year, but the outdoor caroling tours seem rearing to go! If you’ve never been, you might not know that caroling is a great way to connect with people over cute festive clothes and your favorite holiday songs. When you’re out with your friends spending distanced time together, you can show them what you’ve been up to since you last saw them–including your new silver snowflake jewelry!


Considering that caroling may be the biggest social event of this holiday season, we at Lavari are planning to go all out with our #looks. Since snowflake earrings are visible even when you’re bundled up in a coat, they’re pretty much perfect for going out in the cold. Unless it’s cold enough that you’re in a full muffler and earmuffs situation, this is one piece of jewelry that people will see no matter what. And since snowflake jewelry for Christmas caroling is so perf, you probably won’t be the only one! 


You can accessorize your snowflake jewelry for Christmas when you check out what clothing items you have with that motif as well. When you go out in a snowflake scarf to match your snowflake pendant, that’ll make your caroling a bit merrier, we’ll bet! And of course, if it happens to snow while you’re out there you’ll have that many more accessories for your snowflake jewelry in the form of the real thing falling on your winter clothes.

The Main Event

Out of all the best holiday traditions out there, our favorite by far is the holidays themselves. Whether you’re hanging with family in person or virtually, there’s just nothing like being with them. Like we said before, a pair of snowflake earrings is noticeable both in person and on a Zoom call, so you can wear this silver snowflake jewelry for both! Keep an eye out for Lavari’s series on how to accessorize for Zoom calls, btw, because no amount of social distancing will stop us from helping you look fabulous!


It’s important during the era of social distancing to keep our holiday traditions intact, since everyone might need a little more holiday cheer this time around. When you show your family members that you can all still celebrate the holidays with silver snowflake jewelry and a video call, everyone will feel like it’s still that special time of year, no matter what else is going on. A set of snowflake jewelry for Christmas can then feel like it’s a reminder your family will always be together, even when they’re apart.


When you greet your relatives on your favorite holiday with a snowflake pendant, you’re sure to bring back whatever holiday cheer has been lost this year. Plus, if you give all your loved ones snowflake jewelry for Christmas or Hanukkah, you’ll have that much more merriment to spread around this year. That’s what we mean when we say that women’s snowflake jewelry for Christmas is our favorite holiday tradition of all!

All in all, there’s nothing you’ll be doing for the holidays that wouldn’t look better in some silver snowflake jewelry. Whether you’re wearing snowflake jewelry for Christmas or for Hanukkah, there’s always some extra cheer to be had when you add in a little flurry of snow. We hope this guide has gotten you amped up to do all your favorite things this holiday season with our women’s snowflake jewelry in tow!


You don’t even have to wait until the holiday season begins to get into the swing of things with our women’s snowflake jewelry–you can get started now! After all, the best thing about the holidays is looking forward to the holidays. As soon as Halloween is over, you can rest assured that your women’s snowflake jewelry will be in season until well into February. And after all, it’s not like it never snows in March, right? There’s not much of an expiration date on silver snowflake jewelry.


Another best thing about the holidays is sharing our favorite holiday activities, so if you have a special holiday tradition that we didn’t mention here, let us know! Our women’s snowflake jewelry can go with any family activity this holiday season. We’d love to know how you’re planning to make this holiday season special with your own families. Comment below to tell us what you like to do while wearing silver snowflake jewelry, so we at Lavari can try it out with our own families at home this year! 

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