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Things To Remember When Buying Necklace For Your Boyfriend

There are, however, several things you need to know before getting your boyfriend a necklace. These are tips on choosing which kind of chain and pendant to consider in relation to your boyfriend’s style. We will also discuss the different types of pendants you can pick for your boyfriend and know what each of them symbolizes.

Some may say it is unusual for men to wear necklaces. But like what we discussed in a previous post, 5 Reasons Why Men Should Get Themselves Jewelry, we learned that it’s perfectly fine for men to wear any jewelry piece they want. So if you want to give your boyfriend a necklace, go ahead and have fun choosing the piece that will fit your boyfriend and his personality!

There are, however, several things you need to know before getting your boyfriend a necklace. These are tips on choosing which kind of chain and pendant to consider in relation to your boyfriend’s style. We will also discuss the different types of pendants you can pick for your boyfriend and know what each of them symbolizes.

As you read on, you will learn some of the reasons why your boyfriend could and should also wear necklaces. You will also get to know the different styles of necklaces, which include the different types of pendants.

  • Necklaces as an addition to your boyfriend’s style
  • Dog tags, plain chains, crosses, and stylish pendants
  • Things to consider when buying a necklace for your boyfriend: chain length, chain type, and material

Visit Lavari Jewelers and see our different men’s necklace and pendants to guide you as you read along. We’re certain you will be able to determine the necklace your boyfriend will love through this guide. Go on and surprise your boyfriend with a necklace!

Necklace as a  Complement to Your Boyfriend’s Style

First of all, know your boyfriend’s fashion style. Have you ever seen him wear any jewelry before? Is he always simple, or does he want to have fun with accessories? When purchasing a necklace for your boyfriend make sure that he will appreciate the meaning that the necklace entails.

Often times necklaces for men are considered simple pieces that should look natural on them. But again, depending on your boyfriend’s style and personality, you can always give him a necklace that’s quirky and complex.

It is really important that the necklace you give your boyfriend will complement his style. This will primarily determine if he is going to wear it often. You would not want to give a gift and see it on a shelf later on.

There are several styles of necklaces you can choose to give your boyfriend. There are dog tags, simple chains, necklaces with a cross and other creative pendants.


Dog Tags

Dogs tags were first used for military personnel. They included important information such as the wearer’s name, birth date, and blood type.  Other important information may have been included as well.


But now, there have been modifications on the military dog tags, and non-military individuals can wear them for fashion. If your boyfriend is interested in things related to the military, or perhaps he likes the style that dog tags add, then buy him a dog tag that matches his style.

Get this black ion plated stainless steel dog tag pendant with blue IP center from Lavari Jewelers!

There are other styles that you can explore. Look at Lavari Jewelers Thin Blue Line collection for other dog tag designs!


Chains are classic pieces that your boyfriend can wear with almost anything. Chain necklace gives a stylish accent to any shirt your boyfriend wears. He can wear it over a plain white shirt or even with a suit.

This durable stainless steel mariner link chain necklace is on Lavari Jewelers website.

The statement a chain necklace presents will also depend on the quality of its material. Go for stainless steel or white gold for a beautiful and durable piece. You may also opt to get him a sterling silver if he’s the type who wants shiny jewelry pieces.


Cross Pendants

Cross pendants, and other religious symbols, often denote the person’s faith or belief. Give your boyfriend a necklace with a simple cross pendant if you wish to encourage him regarding his religious preference.

This Lavari Jewelers stainless steel cross pendant comes in gold, silver, and black colors.

In some cases, people still wear cross pendants regardless of religion and belief. And it’s totally fine! As long as the person loves its style then there’s nothing wrong in showcasing this type of pendant.

Creative Pendants

Men’s necklaces can be versatile and fun! Especially for necklaces with long chains, you can always experiment on what kind of pendant to include on them.

Long necklaces with big pendants are usually worn outside the shirt, to bring out the style and accent it adds to your boyfriend’s attire.

It’s important to know what length, style, and material necklace or pendant to give your boyfriend.

Chain Length

As a guide on buying the perfect fit for your boyfriend, here are brief descriptions of each necklace chain length.

Short necklaces are versatile and can be worn with a suit. If your boyfriend wishes to showcase the necklace, he may opt to wear it over a v-neck style shirt.

Mid-length chains will lay on your boyfriend’s collarbone and are usually bearing a plain style. These are usually a simple chain necklace.

Finally, long chains are usually the pieces that are good for pendants. These are usually worn in casual occasions.

Necklace Material

The necklace chain you will purchase for your boyfriend could be a stainless steel chain, a sterling silver, or even gold. Bigger links of chains are common for plain style, since there will be no pendant to include in this type of necklace. For longer chains that are meant to hold pendants, the links are smaller and are fastened closely together. This way, it will be easier for your boyfriend to add pendants that he wants.

Lavari Jewelers: Your Style, Your Story

There are no definite rules on how a man should wear a chain or necklace. These are just guidelines to help you choose a necklace you will give your boyfriend as a surprise. Remember, however, that the necklace you will purchase should bear the style that you are sure your boyfriend will love. This will be easy for you since you know him well! Just reminisce the quirks he has and his personality in general, and I am sure you’ll be able to see the perfect necklace for him.

Head on to the Lavari Jewelers website and see our necklace collections that will fit your boyfriend. Have fun!

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