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What Jewelry Should I Buy for My Wife

There will always be an occasion to give your wife a present. Better yet, you don’t need an occasion to get her something special. Surprise her with a random gift, spoil her. Make the moment more special by giving her jewelry! Show the love of your life how much she means to you through a beautiful, sparkling piece (like a cubic zirconium piece). For some, buying your wife jewelry gifts may be just a breeze but I bet some guys see the task as something too tedious. And that’s okay; we are here to help you choose the jewelry piece to get your wife.


Believe it or not, but there is a structure that you can follow when you’re trying to buy your wife nice jewelry. It will serve as your guide to determine which jewelry piece to give her. There will also be a list of jewelry you can choose from and are very easy to access through the Lavari Jewelers website.


Read on and see a simple step by step guide on how to choose the perfect jewelry to get for your wife. After getting a clear picture on what to purchase, go ahead and see our jewelry collections for any type of lady.


How to Choose the Best Jewelry for Your Wife: A Step-by-Step Guide

If you have no experience at all in getting your partner jewelry as a gift, you don’t need to panic. Use this step-by-step guide when looking for the perfect piece for your wife.

The first step to do is to know what jewelry she does like. To add an element of surprise, do not give her hints that you are planning to give her jewelry. Know which kinds of jewelry she loves by secretly looking at her jewelry collection, or by simply observing what she always wears to office or to casual gatherings with her friends.


Some guide questions would be:

  • Are her ears pierced? Does she love wearing hoops, dangling earrings, or studs?
  • Does she ever wear necklaces? If yes, does she wear pendants, too?
  • Are there bracelets in her collection? What colors and styles are in her collection?
  • Is she fond of wearing statement rings? Or does she only wear her engagement ring and wedding band?

You may use these guide questions and pinpoint which jewelry piece is going to be perfect as a present. After determining the kind of jewelry she wants, it’s time to choose what kind of metal is right for her..


This time, it is up to you which type of metal you want to give her.


Give her a stainless steel jewelry if you think she needs a piece that is hypoallergenic and is low-maintenance. This type is durable and is resistant to tarnishing. It is also lustrous and very pleasing to the eye.

This simple yet elegant stainless steel twisted hoop earrings from the Lavari Jewelers.

You may also get her gold jewelry. Gold comes  in yellow, white, or rose. and is also resistant to tarnish, as well as rust and corrosion. It is also durable depending on its karat. Meanwhile, giving her silver jewelry can be a cost-effective move. Learn more about gold (particularly white gold) and sterling silver in our previous post How Can You Differentiate White Gold From Silver.

This gorgeous 10K rose gold pink amethyst ring with diamond accent is available at Lavari Jewelers.

Next step is to decide if you are going to give her a simple jewelry piece or something that has studs or precious gems and stones on it. You may opt to choose her birthstone for a more personalized gift.

Finally, know her fashion sense. This way, you will know which jewelry style to pick for her. Does she like a classic style or is she more on wearing modern pieces? Is she fond of elaborate style or just simple ones?


Types of Jewelry to Give Her and Other Things to Consider

To further help you on picking the perfect jewelry gift for your lady, here is a list of jewelry types and guide questions to consider for each.


Earrings. Does she like dangly ones or those that are big and colorful? Or does she prefer simple yet sparkly ones? You may also consider giving her a stud for a body piercing she loves to accessorize.

Get this 10K gold natural black onyx drop earrings from Lavari Jewelers.

Necklaces. Does she have a style for formal gatherings and another style for casual meetings? Does she prefer a simple chain or necklaces with different pendant styles? Does she prefer wearing a choker, a medium-length necklace or a very long one?

This sophisticated and alluring 10K gold genuine oval gemstone with diamond pendant is available at the Lavari Jewelers Lux Collection.

Bracelets. Does she prefer bangles, charms, or rope style? Does she like chunky or simple yet lustrous bracelet designs? Can she wear it daily to work or not at all? Depends on her day-to-day activities, choose the perfect bracelet that she can wear at all times.

This simple and very elegant sterling silver heart bracelet with diamond accent will surely bring a smile to your wife’s face.

Rings. Can she wear rings everyday, depending on her day-to-day tasks at work or home? Does she like to have fun with a number of rings on both hands? Does she prefer colorful rings or plain yet sophisticated design? Does she like large stones on her rings or just uncomplicated ones?

Your wife will swoon over this stunning 10K white gold oval gemstone ring with diamond from Lavari Jewelers.

Lavari Jewelers Got Your Back!

Remember: looking for the perfect jewelry for your wife doesn’t have to be stressful. It can be rather fun trying to answer the guide questions put together in this article. Doing so will also let you know more about your wife: about her style, preference, and even her personality! Head to the Lavari Jewelers website and check out our collections. For sure you will find the perfect jewelry gift for your darling wife!


Happy shopping!

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  1. I like the idea you gave about not telling my wife that I am buying her jewelry and to pay attention to her jewelry box to see what she likes. I think she would love this because it shows that I am being thoughtful and not just buying her something that I know she wants because she told me. She has a lot of necklaces so I’ll start looking for one she’ll like.


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