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You Won’t Believe What This Astronomy Jewelry Means

What makes a moon ring or star necklace super special is that these shapes are universal and recognizable. We love the simplicity of moon and star jewelry!

How much faith do you put in your horoscope?


Really, we’re serious.


If you’re like, umm no thanks, please rate the accuracy of the Zodiac Signs as lovers when thinking about you and your other half, and then spend waaaay too much time scrolling through Not All Geminis posts on Insta.


Now that you’re back and have DM’d at least five memes, you’re probably wondering why we’re talking about ASTROLOGY in an ASTRONOMY post.


Just stick with us for a minute, k? 


Millennials are super into astrology. Some think it’s because we deal with SO much data. We know how many steps we took in the past hour, how much sleep we got last night, and how many people saw, liked, and shared the photo we posted yesterday. 


And that’s just the beginning of it.


Astrology is a soothing alternative to the stat-heavy reality of 2020. It’s nice to think the universe has your back and can send you a little hint here or there through a horoscope, without having to stress about the details. 


Jewelry in our Astronomy Collection functions in the same way. Each of our curated moon and star necklaces, rings, and earrings conveys a little reminder to you and a confident message to the world about your unique power and personality. 


What makes a moon ring or star necklace super special is that these shapes are universal and recognizable. We love the simplicity of moon and star jewelry!

What Moon Jewelry Means

The shape of the moon is everything. The moon has eight phases, all with their own meaning


The crescent moon has special symbolism in many religions and cultures. A “Luna Moon” embodies life, femininity, and fertility. The crescent moon represented the child of an ancient Earth goddess and divine events in the Bible. Islam uses a cresent to symbolize progress in combination with a five-pointed star. Look closely at the visual depictions of almost any religion and you’re likely to find a crescent moon!


So what does wearing crescent moon jewelry mean?


Crescent moon jewelry symbolizes the hopes, wishes, and good intentions you have for a new beginning. 


Wear a moon necklace when you’re starting a new job. Pair gold moon earrings with your perfect first date outfit to bring all the good vibes to what could be a budding relationship. Put in your crescent moon cartilage earring when you’re working toward your best life to convey those good intentions to the universe!


Wherever you wear it, crescent moon jewelry will remind you of all your amazing potential and bring you good energy!

What Star Jewelry Means

Ancient humans liked the five-pointed star for its symmetry, and the humans of today agree. We use stars on our flags, our currency, and our ratings ⁠— so, so important when booking a AirBnb or deciding where to meet for brunch.


Stars remind us of the vast beauty, mystery, and possibility of the universe. They’re always twinkling overhead, whether we can see them or not, lighting the way toward our destiny. 


They’re a symbol of divine guidance in many religions, and a lot of people think of stars as angels or loved ones watching over for protection. You can wear a star necklace, ring, or earrings in the same way ⁠— as a personal reminder of someone you love, wishing the best for you, and rooting you on as you chase your dreams.


That’s why we love star jewelry. Each star necklace, ring, and earring reminds you to reach for the beautiful and meaningful things in life. 


Every time you get a glimpse of your star jewelry in the mirror, think of your highest goals and how nothing can stand in your way to achieve them. Believe in you and the possibility your life holds when you wear (and see) stars!

Top 10 Astronomy Collection Jewelry Picks

Practice some self-love with moon and star jewelry. Each piece makes a perfect, personal reminder to go for your goals and celebrate what makes you YOU! 

Moon Jewelry

  1. White Gold, Yellow Gold, and Rose Gold Moon Earrings with Diamonds

Star Jewelry

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