The Scoop on Hoops: Styles to Flatter Your Face Shape

While hoops may seem like the simplest of accessories – something you can put on without thinking about it too much – certain sizes of hoop earrings will flatter some faces better than others. You see, the face is a focal point of one’s natural beauty, and its symmetry can be thrown off by earrings that are too wide, too long, too thin, or too dainty. 

Standard Hoop Sizes

First, let’s get to know the common hoop sizes you’ll be able to find, whether you’re at the mall or an indie arts market. There are nearly a dozen standard sizes, each just a little bit bigger than the next. The following chart lists them by ascending order in both millimeters and inches and with sizing descriptions.


Diameter in millimeters

Diameter in inches




Tiny, best for kids



Good for kids and teens



Ideal for smaller faces (penny)



Stands out on smaller faces (quarter)



Flattering for medium to fuller faces (half-dollar)



The midway point



Makes a quiet statement



Big night out



Classic big hoop



Not afraid to be noticed



Makes a loud statement



Oversized (base of a soda can)






Colossal (baseball)

The width of each hoop in a pair can also determine how well it will complement your natural look. There are fewer variations in width, as most hoops are between 1 and 4 millimeters wide. However, they can be thicker than that, as well as come in different shapes, such as squares and triangles – which can go a long way in bringing balance and symmetry to certain types of faces. 

Face Shapes

Now that you have a sense of different hoop earring sizes, you’re probably wondering where your face shape fits in. While we won’t ever tell you not to wear something you love, we will guide you in the right direction. Read on – and grab a mirror – to find the shape the best matches your face and the earrings that will make you shine!




If your face is about the same width from all sides with slightly wider cheekbones and a scooped chin, you have a round face. A common tip for round faces is that round earrings like hoops should be avoided because they overemphasize the circular shape of the face. However, thin, smaller hoops (30mm or less) can work well for round faces. Angular styles are most flattering and give a good contrast to the shape, so you can also opt for square or triangular-shaped hoop earrings of any width.




An oval-shaped face has features similar to round faces except they are longer and narrower. The forehead is often slightly wider than the chin as well. Smaller, thicker hoops, like a 25mm diameter and 3mm width, provide added width for slender faces and provide a contrast to the length of your face. 



Square-faced individuals are characterized by a forehead and jawline with relatively equal width. Their faces are edgy, so you’ll want earrings with a softer touch. Oversized hoop earrings that hang below the jawline are also a good match with square faces because they balance out the most angular part of the face.




On a heart-shaped face, the forehead is wider than the jawline, which taper to a pointed chin. Heart-shaped faces also commonly have a widow’s peak. What’s not to love? Thicker hoops will help balance out the angle of your chin. You can pretty much go with any length of hoop, because heart-shaped faces benefit from any round earrings, which add softness. 




Accentuated cheekbones that are wider than both the forehead and chin are the defining characteristics of a diamond-shaped face. will really make you shine. Any earrings worn close to the ear, like shorter hoops, will balance the central angles at your cheekbones.


Inverted Triangle


If the widest part of your face is your forehead and the rest tapers down to a pointy chin, you’re an Inverted Triangle. Your face is long and your forehead is accentuated, so hoops that are 35 mm and up will draw attention away from it and onto the lovely adornments on your ears. Medium to large hoops that align with your jawline will create an illusion of width and balance out your face.

Let Your Style Take Shape

While your face shape should be the first consideration when choosing any earrings (and especially hoops), there are other influential factors – like your hair length, lifestyle, work dress code, and personal preferences – that need to be considered. 


Long hair lends itself well for larger hoops since small ones can get lost when it’s worn down, but an up-do is a total gamechanger. Likewise, pixie cuts and bobs can showcase smaller earrings, but larger hoops make a bigger statement the shorter the haircut.


If you’re a busy working mom or an athlete, you might not want larger hoops getting in the way of your day-to-day activities. Anything under 25mm would be ideal for active people who want a no-fuss look. Your workplace may set limits on what type of earrings you can wear. If you’re free to choose from any hoop size and you like to make a statement with your work – say you own your own business in a creative field or have – larger hoops may be the way to go. 


Let’s not forget the matter of personality and preference. You can’t help it if you’re drawn to particular pieces, and certain hoop styles will best express who you are. Don’t let the shape of your face be too limiting of a factor. When in doubt, try it out! You can always use other accessories and play with color and shape in your clothes to balance out your features. Use the tips for your face shape as a reference point and explore the possibilities.

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